Yoo Ji Tae Joins Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Joon Hyuk in Vigilante and K-netizens Marvel Over the Visuals of the Three Leading Men Deep K-drama Casting

At this point, imma joining the chorus of K-netizens asking “does a leading lady even needed?” for upcoming K-drama Vigilante. Starring Nam Joo Hyuk as the titular character adapted from a webtoon, he’s now joined not just by fellow leading man Lee Joon Hyuk but also by another top veteran actor Yoo Ji Tae. I’ve seen two male lead dramas but rarely three male lead dramas without it being an anthology like Our Blues. Not only must the story be good, the characters clearly are also written well to attract such top shelf talent so things are looking great for Nam Joo Hyuk’s first post big hit Twenty Five, Twenty One drama. Thank god no one is saying he needs a strong leading lady to buoy him up after that since he’s gotten so much praise all on his own for his performance there and this drama is clearly going for gritty action justice seeking route which is a smart challenge for him.

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Lee Joon Hyuk Gets Double Casting Love Joining Nam Joo Hyuk in K-drama Vigilante and Playing the Villain in Outlaws 3 Opposite Ma Dong Seok and Lee Bum Soo

The more Lee Joon Hyuk the merrier, and he continues to be one of K-ent’s most versatile and willing to try different level role male leads. This week Lee Joon Hyuk got two casting offers on the same day so … Continue reading