Second Leads Cheng Lei and Lu Yu Xiao in My Journey to You Grab Viewer Attention Over the OTP in My Journey to You Thanks to Insane Levels of Onscreen Chemistry

Most C-drama OTPs are chaste but still plenty of chemistry enough to hook viewers. But it’s rare to have a sexy as all heck OTP and the second leads in My Journey to You is just burning up the screen in that exact way and the viewers are slurping it up like a wanderer in the desert finding water. Relatively fresh faces Cheng Lei (Ryan Cheng) and Lu Yu Xiao are excellent solo in their roles and even better together. There is so much chemistry one netizen even said it’s like waving a pregnancy test wand in the air in between them and coming up positive lol. Even better is that OTP hasn’t gotten started in earnest yet in their interactions so there is a lot of runway for Yu Shu Xin and Zhang Ling He as well so we can get a two-fer potentially in this drama with two shippable pairs.


Second Leads Cheng Lei and Lu Yu Xiao in My Journey to You Grab Viewer Attention Over the OTP in My Journey to You Thanks to Insane Levels of Onscreen Chemistry — 20 Comments

  1. I haven’t watched episode 7 yet, but this couple is definitely intriguing. I’m not sure if he thinks she’s a spy/assassin just yet, but the mystery of how he thinks and how she manipulates him is fun to watch. Cat and mouse, with neither being the wiser.

  2. I’ve seen Cheng Lei in short drama “A Familiar Stranger”, where he is really awesome as the sexy strong general ML. Wishing him a successful scandal-free career.

    • I saw him in that as well! I was shocked but pleasantly surprised today when I checked the cast for this drama and saw he was there. I’ll definitely have to watch this weekend.

    • Yessss!!! He was so earnest and captivating in A Familiar Stranger even if he wasn’t using his real voice there. And now with the popularity of My Journey to You, i’m sure his career will be elevated! I would recommend A Familiar Stranger for anybody who wants to check out Cheng Lei! It’s an easy watch! Although be forewarned that the main lead actress in that is quite wooden.

  3. I’m at ep 3. ngl, I’ve a feeling that if not overall, this would be the best wuxia cdrama ever this year. there’re so many reason to watch this. but tbh, i think i watch it for their visuals 🤣 my eyes are sooo blessed. they’re soooo beautiful & soo handsome! & the 2nd lead girl visual really resembles lssrfm kazuha in my opinion. but i hope there’re no black drafts where the 2nd leads try to step on the 1st leads like what happened in many other dramas, where yxh claimed how the 2nd leads is much more better/beautiful/handsome than the 1st leads. it will just ruin the watchers’ experience in watching this drama. so pls don’t use this cheap marketing to promote the artists. hopefully it will never happen in this drama

      • Agreed, it’s not even debatable to be honest.

        The only way MLC’s standing could be toppled – especially since it blew up from word of mouth rather than bombing promotions – would be if Joy of Life S2 dropped from the sky this year hahahaha

  4. This drama is the best thing on air right now. Ryan Cheng caught my eye from posters themselves but my is her SMOKING HOT!!! He’s a chemistry magnate and how has he never made it big till now? As long as he doesn’t screw it up he’s going to be the hottest break out star this year. Zhang Linghe continues to be the weakest link but the two FLs are eating up the intensity and cunning. Their chemistry is FIRE!!! The sister and the bodyguard are a funny side couple to balance out the dark and heavy vibe of the drama. The 2FL reminds me so much of Kim Taeri in both acting and looks. She’s going to go places if she keeps landing the right roles and please no high school dramas.

  5. Esther Yu has an eye for scripts and characters. This drama is epic. The second leads are serving chemistry in just 6 episodes but I’m expecting a tragic end for them. C-drama is serving this year while K-drama is lacklusture.

    • Kdrama has been steadily going downhill and the irony is that it blew up thanks to Netflix and the pandemic just as the overall quality started to dip. After Squid Game blew up every drama started to take the dark sinister route and now even romcoms are over populated with murders and serial killers. I miss the days of Kim SamSoon, Secret Garden, Boys Over Flowers, My Girl, The Greatest Love, Heartstrings, Flower Boys series and all the other light sweet dramas that were cliche and predictable but fun and addictive. Cdrama on the other hand is actually fun and not too dark and sinister. Even My Journey To You has many funny moments and chemistry. This is a strong drama and the response is good as expected. Great acting, directing and script.

      • Kdrama going downhill? Lol. Netflix just doubled down on Kdrama with $2.5 billion USD this year. But C dramas? Why isn’t the biggest global streaming site hosting as many C dramas as K dramas? Your personal preference doesn’t speak for the fact. C drama still has a long way to go to reach Kdrama’s status of popularity.

      • I’m sure if the Chinese Government ever allowed Netflix to invest in Cdrama they would do it in a heartbeat. But you’re forgetting that China produces a large number of Hollywood movies and is economically stronger than South Korea. Netflix has no option but to rely on Kdrama because they are cheaper to produce and Cdrama is difficult to purchase because of the restrictions. Still Netflix is putting in money and effort to buy Cdramas these and you can see online how many of the latest dramas Netflix has picked up this year alone. We all know that Cdramas are unreliable since you never know when or if a drama will ever release so it’s makes no sense investing in something that may never come out. If the censor controls become lax then Cdrama can easily overtake Kdrama as the consumption pattern of Asian drama watchers has largely shifted away from Kdrama. People who have been watching Kdrama since the last 2 decades have moved away to Cdrama and only newer fans are watching Kdrama for now. The quality of Kdrama declining is true and even broadcasters are struggling to get funding for new productions. Channels have been forced to cut down here time slots by a huge margin. Some channels only have one time slot and even those got get ratings or investments. Kpop is more popular than Kdrama which is why it’s still managing to hang on for now.

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  7. sorry but i skip their part..its kinda more rooting for the crazy sister and the bodyguard..ahaha..but otp is the best couple so far

  8. This drama is good but gosh I hate how chinese dramas always put so much lipstick on the guys. Sometimes it’s even more red than the girls. I wish would stop doing that bc it’s kinda a distraction sometimes.

  9. I’m sorry for being really superficial – but I’m all for the elder sister – she cracks me up every episode. I think the actress is a gem because what on paper seems really annoying is super funny in her performance. I just cannot get enough of her “drama” and “terrible terrible cold lines”

  10. Not a fan of Wuxia in general. But this drama seems to have an interesting plot and setting. Dark theme isn’t for everyone. I myself have to be in certain mood to watch a drama like this. I dropped the popular breakout drama of Esther Yu, Love Between Fairy and Devil because of her voice and attire; besides, I’m absolutely not a fan of body-swapping trope. But Esther Yu looked intriguing in My Journey to You. I only watched ep1 so far. I’m curious about her character development. I’m currently invested in Xiao Zhan’s drama, Sunshine by My Side. Therefore, I don’t have a strong urge to stick to another drama. Time will tell if I like MJtY or not.

    • Am at ep 4 and already thinking of dropping the series. Ep 4 is a snoozefest, not up my alley. I’ll watch one more ep and see any development between the OTP. I’m not really interested in the power struggle between the FL and the 2nd FL.

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