A New Return of the Condor Heroes C-drama Adaptation Scheduled with Leads Chen Mu Chi and Lu Yu Xiao

I’ve been tapped out of the adaptations of famous Louis Cha (Jin Yong) wuxia novels for beyond the last decade. The last ones I watched were the Hu Ge and Ariel Lin led Legend of the Condor Heroes and the Huang Xiaoming and Crystal Liu version of Return of the Condor Heroes. I grew up on the TVB 80’s versions which remain near and dear to my heart and the 90’s ones were also very good, and honestly how many times can one watch the same story told over and over again. There is currently a Legend adaptation on air called The Legend of Heroes so it’s no surprise to hear a new version of Romance is also coming. The new Romance of the Condor Heroes is in talks with Chen Mu Chi as Yang Guo and Lu Yu Xiao as Xiaolongnu, the former seems way to beefy and brawny to be Yang Guo in my mind and Lu Yu Xiao seems so much younger than him to play his older gugu/love interest.

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C-drama Perfect Match Releases Artistic Concept Poster as Leads Wang Xing Yue and Lu Yu Xiao Showcase More Red Wedding Attire Looks

The currently filming C-drama Perfect Match has released a pretty concept poster rendered like an old Chinese brush painting of a cityscape complete with socializing gentle folk. While I loathe to watch a Yu Zheng produced drama I do like … Continue reading

Yu Zheng Kicks Off Filming for 5 Couple C-drama Perfect Match and Goes Off the Rails Saying His Drama Will be a Huge Success and Anyone Who Didn’t Come Should Go Die

OMG, this is like baaaaaad even for Yu Zheng level shenanigans. Filming has kicked off for Perfect Match, a 5 couple drama about a mom trying to marrying off her 5 daughters in one Northern Song dynasty family and their … Continue reading

Zhou Ye and Lu Yu Xiao Both Did Costume Fittings and Screen Tests Before the Female Lead Selection of Legend of the Female General Opposite Cheng Lei

Well this is a legit competition and I’m glad to see it was a decision made that went down to the final selection. Last week it was announced that Zhou Ye and Cheng Lei would headline the C-drama adaptation of … Continue reading

My Journey to You Wraps with Final 7-episode Drop in One Day Delivering a Finale with Taut Satisfying Precision

Period C-drama My Journey to You ended unexpectedly this Friday as iQiyi went from a snail pace one episode a day to dropping the final 7-episodes in one sitting for the finale. Now that it’s over, I can safely say … Continue reading

Second Leads Cheng Lei and Lu Yu Xiao in My Journey to You Grab Viewer Attention Over the OTP in My Journey to You Thanks to Insane Levels of Onscreen Chemistry

Most C-drama OTPs are chaste but still plenty of chemistry enough to hook viewers. But it’s rare to have a sexy as all heck OTP and the second leads in My Journey to You is just burning up the screen … Continue reading