Zhang Ling He Continues Drama Output as Period C-drama Si Hao Zhong Ming with Jing Tian Releases First Set of Cast Stills

So Zhang Ling He has also grown on me in currently airing visually sumptuous period drama My Journey to You, took me a bit what with his adorable large front teeth and chipmunk cheeks being a tad distracting initially. But his completely on point acting for the role of sweet, optimistic, and sheltered Gong Zi Yu is just the warm sunshine in a drama full of scorpions so it’s the perfect counter balance. Everyone always talks about how he’s the quintessential C-drama leading man even during his rookie year in 2020, super tall, athletic build, and almost perfect masculine yet good looking flower boy visuals but he was so green back then. In three years he’s really improved and I’m now more excited for Story of Kunning Place and his recently wrapped filming Si Hai Zhong Ming with Jing Tian. The latter from the recently released official character stills looks like a wuxia drama crossed with some xianxia costume brightness and more elaborate designs.


Zhang Ling He Continues Drama Output as Period C-drama Si Hao Zhong Ming with Jing Tian Releases First Set of Cast Stills — 8 Comments

    • Lol people here get very very triggered when you point out that the actress looks older than her male counterpart……

      At least Jing Tian’s really pretty though, but yeah, they don’t look really look compatible age wise.

      • @guest
        You are right. But then there are always some individuals who like to pick on any comments…. Some are trolls, who just wanna say nasty stuff to make people miserable. Maybe they get paid to cause emotional and mental pain to others.

        Jing Tian looks elegant but she does look like a decade older than Zhang Ling He. Perhaps, the script calls for that age gap precisely.

        On the other hand, I won’t blame her casting coz they should level up the actor. I am sure there’s plenty of age compatible male actors with equivalent talent and charisma.

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  2. I like ZLH enough to check out his dramas and give a shot to watch them if the beginning of the plots intrigues me. I accidentally came across his debut drama Maiden Holmes and was impressed by his visuals and chemistry with his leading lady. I admit I’m a visual freak when it comes to idol costume dramas. Lol. Gong Zi Yu is actually the only one character that I like in MJtY. Unlike a lot of fans raving about other supporting actors/characters, I’ve been rooting for ZLH/GZY from the get-go. I’m taking a break from MJtY now just bcos heavy-dark theme is too much for my brain to take when I hope to wind down off work. I may pick up the drama again sometime later.

    Thank you for the update. I’m looking forward to these new dramas.

  3. ZLH has grown on me with my journey to you. In the earlier episodes I felt he was the weakest link, both acting and character but I get my he was mentioned as maybe the next hot thing. There’s something earnest about him that makes him likeable and his looks just becomes better the longer you follow the drama. In some angles and charisma he reminds me of a younger lee min Ho. I actually now find Gong Zhi Yu now my favourite character of the series – kind, pure hearted amongst all the plotting scheming people but not that stupid too obviously FL is suspicious but he chooses to believe. ZLH interpretation of the role is pretty good – I have to say though whatever we think about the director – he has a touch and the cinematography plus storytelling has a style that I enjoy compared to many WX dramas recently.

  4. It’s strange how those who always fuss when there’s an age gap between an older FL and a younger ML (in this case, 10 years) are the same that insist that “it’s OK as long as they are consulting adults” when it is the other way around (example, The Legend of Zhuohua” or Forbidden Flower).
    Anyway, there are casting directors and if they casted them like that, I might be that there are solid reasons. But even if they aren’t, just deal with it. In real life, 35 year old women do get it on with younger men, as older men do with younger women.

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