C-actor Wu Lei’s Recent Answers Including Being with the Person I Love Has C-ent Expecting His Dating Life to be Revealed

So Wu Lei has been in the industry for nearly 20 years as a baby baby child actor and has been managing his career so well with nary a scandal and plenty of praise for his hard working attitude and healthy sporty big boy image. Recently his dating life is back in the news as he was attending an event with Hu Ge and answered a question about what makes him happy in life. He said “To be with the person I love and the person who loves it, it makes life worth it”. He’s not one to answer questions in a careless manner so C-ent think he’s giving vitamin shots with these hints to his fans because his dating life may become public soon through a melon reveal. Who he is dating is not confirmed but the only recent years’ dating rumor is with former costar Xiang Han Zhi.


C-actor Wu Lei’s Recent Answers Including Being with the Person I Love Has C-ent Expecting His Dating Life to be Revealed — 26 Comments

  1. Just hope that people don’t overstep their boundaries if Wu Lei reveals he’s dating, he can date whoever he wants to, unless the other party had committed heinous crimes.

  2. I think he’s being poetic. He won’t jeopardise his career. You know how extreme fans snd anti fans are. Unless he’s getting married.

  3. I think recently lay Zhang also hinted something in Back to Field…
    I hope public will just give all these celebs their personal space to date…

  4. What’s wrong with all those Asian fans (mostly Korean and Chinese) who fantasize to meddle in celebrities’ dating life? How the heck are celebrities not free to openly date anyone they like!? Along with delusional CP fans, nosey busybodies all over are the major part of the Asian fan culture I disapprove of.

  5. Will Wu Lei be the rare example of a Chinese actor who manages to have a healthy life, including healthy personal life? I sure wish him to and who knows, he is not an idol actor so maybe he will?

  6. This non-news barely made a blip on Chinese social media let alone the news. What kind of trash accounts do you follow that you would think his dating life is “back in the news”? Most people who heard this took it as a generalizing sentiment meaning “people I love” not “the person I love”. The only ones trying to make a big deal out of it are delusional LLTG RPS shippers who are mostly just Zhao LS fans. Not surprised you made this post though since this site sure likes to act as a mouth piece for the Zhao LS media team.

    BTW, as a fan, I’m totally supportive of him dating and announcing it when he’s ready.

    • Its hilarious how you talk smack about how this is barely news Koula is reporting on, yet you give your two cents on the subject at the end of your post.

      • Not hilarious: me explaining this is made up “news” and that I’m not just an “extreme” fan in denial.

        Hilarious: Koala taking a screenshot of comments (mostly made by LLTG shippers) under a Weibo post made by a LLTG shipper and trying to make a news item out of it. Does “C-ent” know it’s being represented by some random posts made by delusional shippers?

    • @Anon, I know you may consider yourself more resourceful about C-ent news than other people. But is it so hard for you to not write in condescending tones all the time? Ppl would then appreciate you more. Lol

      I did read somewhere on Weibo hot search that suggested he might be dating the said actress mentioned in this blog.

    • Anon, we do appreciate your input because so many of us don’t speak mandarin, but could you please tone it down a little bit. We all have complicated lives with difficult and sometimes toxic people around us, please let’s keep this out of here if possible.

    • @anon did Koala said ZLS? are we reading the same blog? LOL. If I’m not mistaken Koala said Xiang Han Zhi not Lusi. Also, did you think Wu Lei didn’t have delusional fans who shipped him with Lusi? haters would always assumed it’s ZLS delusional fans not the other way around. I think most ZLS fans has moved on from WL to CZY. Besides, Lusi denied relationship rumors in the past so whoever is WL is dating, or not dating, just leave ZLS out of it.

      • Give me a break, the same people shipping him with ZLS are the same ones who keep bringing up this so called rumor with Xiang Han Zhi (who by the way already denied it calling it ludicrous). I’ve seen this game played out all over Weibo and Douban since last summer. It’s as if someone wants to drag him through reputational mud with rumored “relationships” instead of having the focus be on his performance in LLTG. What, she can’t shine without dragging down a co-star?

        BTW, no Wulei fans are delusional enough to ship him with ZLS after she so infamously cussed him out in that horse riding incident. Also, I’ve seen first hand all the brain-washing tactics on social media, that he only has shipper fans, that he’s only relevant as part of a ship, that he doesn’t have the charisma to draw fans. What a coincidence that Wulei’s the only one being mocked and belittled for this so called ship right?

      • @anon NOTHING in Koala’s post mentions ZLS, what are you even talking about? We get it, you HATE ZLS. No one mentioned ZLS in the original post, so really, you are the problem, not ZLS.

    • @anon – This is Koala’s site, she can blog whatever she wants. You are the one making a big deal out of it. Nothing is confirmed until he is married (like in Hu Ge case) !! And I agree with others that you have a problem with your TONE (coming across as quite rude)… If you think you know it all, start your own blog please.

    • That’s what I got from this too. I also thought it translated to “ the people I love” more than “ the person I love”..but I would love it if he’s dating actually., he would make a great bf to nice girl!

      Incidentally I came here from a post on this blog saying how WuLei was quitting dramas in a very disparaging way, and as far as i know it’s a very unverified news on weibo..

      Since this a a widely read blog in English about C-Ent I do think that fans have the right to express what they know or read on weibo on this blog too, so that new ifans won’t get mislead by rumors.

  7. @anon seriously, make your own blog and stop spreading hate here.

    If you’d have vaild points you wouldn’t need to be rude. Your arguments would speak for themselves. You would state them clear and nicely. Since you feel the need to be condescending and a know-it-all, it all feels like hot air. Go vent your anger somewhere else.

  8. I g*ddam hate it when some people think it’s perfectly okay to start ostracizing others by say such things as f*** off and start your own blog and the tone/patronising attitude they use to tell other people how they can and can’t express themselves the ENTITLEMENT is really AMAZING.

    Here’s some advice if they are not your kids or employees you don’t get to tell other people what to do.lol

    Another piece of advice it’s easier to change your own behaviour than someone else’s. I am sure that there are safe space blogs out there for the mentally fragile where criticism is not allowed or the kinda echo echo chamber type places where you won’t meet any type of mental challenge go take yourselves there.lol

    I personally love the non PC nature of this blog.lol

    • Well sounds like the responses were criticisms about anon’s posts. So by your def, the blog isn’t an echo chamber as the postings are conflicting and diverse. 😬

      • Yes this blog so far is not a echo chamber and lets keep it that way. What I find offensive is when some try to exclude others from the blog by saying if you comment this or that way leave and go start your own blog, and if the momentum builds this will eventually reduce the voices in the room and it will become a echo chamber.

    • @Rrrt, your points are valid. Although I hope Anon can tone down her comments that may convince ppl more, I do think there should be room for her to voice opinions even those are not popular opinions here. I also disapprove of the tendency to have a pile-on ppl with unique voice on any SM, open blogs included. To this point, I really want to give kudos to Koala, who I consider perhaps the most open-minded blogger I’ve come across so far on Asian drama SM. I usually have very different taste about dramas and acting styles from Koala. There were also quite a few visitors of her blogs initiating heated debates against her opinions. Nonetheless, she let everyone talk or even vent or rant. She’s incredible with such democratic and civilized attitude managing her sites. Perhaps I only saw a few times when she moderated and removed some very obnoxious comments deliberately made by certain toxic accounts who started lunatic name calling. She is very tolerant. That’s why I keep coming back to her blogs even I disagree with her a lot of times.

      Even I think it would benefit everyone if Anon tones down, she should feel free to express what she thinks about showbiz on any SM.

      • @Somebody
        I am glad you got it, and that you explained it better than I ever could.

        I kinda regret putting things so harshly and swearing, hope I didn’t scare anyone away. Plus I have no problems with any of anons posts.

      • I fully agree with your thoughts on Koala…This blog’s forum is quite cleverly managed and balanced. I enjoy reading the comments.

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