Tan Song Yun Returns to Period C-dramas After 2 Years with Shu Brocade Family Costarring Zheng Ye Cheng

The word brocade in Chinese will be further associated with C-actress Tan Song Yun, after her hit C-drama The Sword and the Brocade a few years ago she’s back in period land as filming just started for the C-drama Shu Brocade Family (literal translation of 蜀锦人家). Her male lead will be Zheng Ye Cheng which means she’s top billing as opposed to her recent spate of modern C-drama Road Home, Flight to You, and Master of My Own. It’s adapted from a novel set in the Tang Dynasty around the female lead from a renowned fabric dying family and her romance with a bickering male lead after her first love breaks her heart. Tan Song Yun is really so suited for period dramas and is quite pleasant always to watch onscreen for me.


Tan Song Yun Returns to Period C-dramas After 2 Years with Shu Brocade Family Costarring Zheng Ye Cheng — 17 Comments

      • I think it’s because she doesn’t do projects starring trending hot young actors. And she hasn’t taken on the xianxia type of role either that have specific expectations for aesthetics. Ren Min and Zhou Dong-yu were recognized for their acting talents until the xianxia landmine got them criticized for their looks. I loved Tan Song-yun and Ren Jia-lun in Under the Power since they were a good match in age and looks – good-looking but not in a stereotypical way and where their acting and chemistry actually elevated their looks.

      • I personally think TSY is prettier than YZ and RM. She isn’t overacting as the other two either.

      • @Somebody
        I think Nena was joking about the “Xiao Zhan effect” in that YZ and RM got flak for their visuals, and they both happen to have acted with Xiao Zhan; whereas TSY doesn’t seem to get flak for her visuals and she never acted with Xiao Zhan. Or the latter doesn’t get flak precisely *because* she never acted with him, lol. I’m sure it’s just a joke (mostly) to link these together under the “Xiao Zhan effect”, but it might be true that XZ is seemingly perceived as very very handsome, and if his fans (or anti-fans) find his female co-stars not as perfect, beauty-wise, they might be targeted with lots of unnecessary meanness.

      • @Adnana, When I said TSY is prettier than YZ and RM, I did not have XZ in my mind. It was a statement purely based upon their visuals in general, not in particular dramas. Lol. Also, not all the FLs of XZ got flak, e.g., Li Qin or even much older Bai Baihe. Ppl are critical of the visuals of some of his costars for some convincing reasons, regardless of whether the criticism is coming from his fans or his antis. YZ and RM aren’t considered pretty in C-ent. That’s the fact. Ppl have doubt about YZ’s looks being natural or done by PS. RM is just not pretty for certain genres.

  1. I like her all around! I think she’s a very easy to watch actress, and conveys emotional scenes well. I loved her in Go Ahead and Under the Power.

  2. I love seeing Tan Song-yun! Glad to see that she’ll get top billing.

    I can’t believe she wasn’t top billing in Master of Her Own. That entire drama was centered on the female lead’s journey and she was amazing in it. The opening theme is just the female lead going about her day. Laughable that they would put the ML as the top-billed actor in it.

    • I hate how they just give top billing to the more popular actor or actress. Top billing should always be for the person that the story is more focused on. It’s so unfair. Master of My Own was really more about her than the ml.

  3. Oooh Zheng Ye cheng is a good actor, him and tan song yun acting are perfect for each other..definitely looking forward to this Pairing…

  4. She is a fine actress but somehow I have trouble finishing any of her dramas. Not her fault but same issues with C dramas overall over and over again, i.e., lazy writing, poor directing, fake setting, slow pacing, and boring fillers, etc.

  5. She has no chemistry with anyone on screen. She is a good actress but the romance part never feels real.

    Her looks are below average but she is capable of picking her projects well so they don’t matter, her acting does.

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