Ahn Eun Jin Has Busy Week Winning Best Actress at Grimae Awards, a Small Wardrobe Malfunction at the Blue Dragon Awards, and Joining Suzy and Kim Woo Bin in Their Next Drama

This is like the tamest wardrobe malfunction ever and rather cutely handled by the star in question and the considerate hosts. K-actress Ahn Eun Jin was up for Best New Actress at this weekend’s film industry only 2023 Blue Dragon Awards and she looked sleek in a strapless white encrusted column gown until she had a little wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet. Her nude strapless bra peeked out from under her dress and she had to quickly tuck it back in. It was done swiftly and effortlessly so much ado about nothing. Earlier in the week she took home drama Best Actress for her performance in romance sageuk My Beloved at the Grimae Awards so kudos to that. And wrapping up a busy weekend, she has been cast as the second female lead in the 2024 fantasy romance drama Everything Will Come True (All Shall Come True or Wishes Granted by Genie) with leads Suzy and Kim Woo Bin in their reunion project penned by ratings dominating screenwriting queen Kim Eun Sook.


Ahn Eun Jin Has Busy Week Winning Best Actress at Grimae Awards, a Small Wardrobe Malfunction at the Blue Dragon Awards, and Joining Suzy and Kim Woo Bin in Their Next Drama — 31 Comments

    • We are actually excited for the chemistry of the 2 women. Eunjin fans are the ones making a fuss over a role as if this is 1st time kes ever cast a popular actor as 2L. Her fans acting already like she’s bigger than LDW, Yoo inna, KJW etc who played 2L

    • Suzy was weak in the past but that isn’t the case anymore.She might not be the best but she can definitely hold her own against strong actors and give a good performance(she was the best in Anna but her Co-actors weren’t any less…they were more known for their acting than Suzy but Suzy was clearly able to overshadow them in many scenes)..And no,we are not at all fuming.I love her and want to see her in this drama with Suzy.There’s a reason she accepted this role…I’m sure both will have their own individual moments to shine as it’s from a good writer.If one gets overshadowed then it’s fine…Many talented actors and actresses often got overshadowed by other talented artists in the world..It’s not a big deal!

    • No one is fuming lol…it’s her fans who are making a fuss.I love her and I would love to see them together.There’s a reason why she must have accepted the role.It’s from a good writer.Moments to shine will be aplenty.it was her decision and even if she overshadows Suzy,it’s not a big deal ‘cause I don’t think Suzy is a bad actress comment is valid anymore…She is really good now with great performances in her latest dramas;Anna and Doona…She can hold her own amongst strong actors.

  1. Can’t believe she& her agency are going for a second lead after the kind of year she’s had even if it’s a KES drama. Hope the role is meaty enough for her to further develop her acting.

  2. Surprising she’s going for the second female lead but hopefully it’s a memorable role and continues to push her forward. What a year she’s had!

  3. Not a fan of My Dearest, the Korean version or a copy of the American classic Gone with the Wind. Not a fan of the FL, Ahn Eun Jin, either. Perhaps for Kdrama fans who saw this drama rare in sageuk, it’s a refreshing watching experience. But for me who read the book several times with each single detail imprinted in my head for years and also love the American drama series, I can’t bring myself to root for either actress AEJ or My Dearest from the get-go. All AEJ’s expressions or moves spelt out loud: I’m a copy of Vivian Leigh. LOL But AEJ’s acting or visuals are absolutely not on par with the British legendary actress in the World War II era. Sorry fans. No offense.

    • I’m a huge fan of Vivien Leigh and the OG GWTW movie too, but I don’t know why you keep commenting this. Literally no one is saying she’s on par with Viv visuals-wise or acting-wise. Many people don’t even know the OG GWTW or that this drama was inspired by it. I can’t think of any modern actor that’s on par with Viv as she’s legendary and I don’t think we would have another her any time soon. Also, don’t worry, her looks were bashed and criticized before so you’d be happy to know that your opinion is not unpopular

      • Why “why?” LOL. It’s amusing for me to read so many fans head over heels in love with AEJ. So I just injected some balancing views in a one-sided landscape. Asian drama fans seem to be very uneasy about opposing noise in the midst of uniform voice. That’s why you don’t know why ! LOL. But it’s very common here in the US to always have ppl on the opposite sides of opinions. Are you not comfortable with ppl not liking AEJ given that perhaps the majority rave her to the galaxy?

      • Then don’t copy her SO OBVIOUSLY! LMAO! You should be the one zipping your mouth tight if knowing nothing!

  4. What a humble actress she is. Still taking aupporting roles even after receiving so many acclaimed praises. This actress will go far in her career.

  5. She’s talented and shouldn’t be playing second fiddle to both leads who aren’t exactly Gong Yoo, Song Hye Kyo, Lee Byung Hun level of S-tier in the acting industry, even if it’s KES. The only consolation is that the second leads of KES dramas tend to outshine the mains, so there’s that.

    • i love Song Hye Kyo and she extremely great in The Glory and she’s definitely at the very top of the industry…But I don’t think she’s S-tier in her terms of ‘acting’…I personally thought Suzy was better in Anna.Anyways…AEJ must be getting many roles…there must be a reason why she is thinking of accepting this…Her role is not exactly revealed yet..it probably is a special role…it’s from a big writer…Probably a very big production…She will definitely receive attention here too…Maybe the role was really well written…It’s her own decision…Maybe it will be like the trio in Island.I don’t think this is some issue.It happened many times like this in the industry

      • I’m actually more skeptical of AEJ of playing 2nd fiddle to a Kim Woobin-Suzy pairing than being 2nd to Suzy. For example if it were a Lee Byunghun-Suzy lead couple, I can be quite confident that AEJ will be part of a very solid ensemble in a top tier production and the role would be suited to her. Kim Woobin-Suzy just feels like it will be a lighter production like descendants of the sun, and AEJ doesn’t need to play 2nd in a fluffier project. For what it’s worth, I think Suzy is just as good as KWB now and they’re both pretty decent in my books.

        With The Glory, SHK has demonstrated that she can single-handedly lead a strong ensemble cast in a top tier production and pull in the audience like LBH. Suzy is not there yet, and neither is AEJ nor KWB. It’s also not purely based on acting skills although they should be very competent at the very least.

  6. She is one of the most talented actress in this generation. It’s unacceptable for her to be playing second fiddle…idk what her agency is doings
    Her acting is even on par with Nam goong min in My Dearest.

    • I know what you are saying but I think this is a good choice. Most of the Eun Sook’s drama have very interesting second lead’s characters. They are quite popular too so her popularity will also increase.

  7. Her being cast as the second female lead after receiving an award reminds me of what happened to Kim Hye Yoon, who was on the rise too, got awards and stuff, and then she accepted the second female lead in Snowdrop, and now I barely hear about her. I know she has an upcoming drama, but I just think accepting the role in Snowdrop kinda slowed down her momentum, to be honest (tho to be fair, that drama did nothing for the careers of the other cast members too lol). Hopefully her next drama would put her on people’s radar again. And hopefully too, Ahn Eun Jin’s role in this drama will be a scene-stealing one so it won’t hurt her momentum.

  8. 2nd FL? You must be joking right? She is an incredible actress who can carry your emotion as viewers.
    I don’t understand why she has to take Kim Eun Sook drama (as supporting character) when she just starred in a drama like My Dearest. She deserves better

  9. I like her but I don’t find her unforgettable in he roles. In My Dearest, I liked her when she was not trying to play the young noble woman but when they had to run with the 3 other women. Otherwise, I didn’t like her sageuk ton. If they had some chemistry, so writting killing it for me and I didn’t care about the romance.

    I didn’t like her romance in Hospital Playlist.

    She had a great chemistry with Kim Kyung-Nam in The One and Only.

    But after My Dearest’s success, I don’t understand her choice of drama. She should have better offers.

  10. She is brilliant of course. No one could have played Yoo Gilchae role like her so I was expecting her next project would be a grand one. There must be a reason she is taking another supporting role.

    Ps. Don’t praise her too much, the more people praise her the more th FL fans hate her

  11. I don’t understand the hate for Suzy now.Sure,she’s not the best but she has come a long way and is seriously good now.Her last two performances in Doona and Anna are remarkable and truly perfect.She has grown tremendously and can hold herself against strong actors too.None of us even fumed about AEJ.I love her and wish she would do this.I love to see them onscreen together.

    There must be a reason she accepted this role.It’s probably wonderfully written and is a special role.It’s from a good writer and is probably a big production.She might have been getting other offers too but she still chose this.Since it’s starring big actors,it will most probably be successful and she would receive attention.Both could do their own job and will certainly have their own moments to shine.I think Suzy is really good to hold her against strong actors and even if she is overshadowed,it’s not a big deal! Many talented artists got overshadowed by many other talented artists throughout the world..It’s not a big deal.

    Honestly I think that Suzy is the most crucified actress in the kdrama land even after giving several tremendous performances.Sure acting’s subjective but she’s definitely a good actress now and there are some plenty of others who are worser than her but aren’t as called out.The notion of Suzy being a bad actress is just so outdated and wrong and untrue in 2023.

  12. Suzy and is a much better actress and infinitely more popular than that nugu. Her fans are getting brave when she should be thankful Kim Eun Sook for getting the opportunity to act with Suzy and Woo Bin in this project.

  13. I’m not even an Ahn Eun Jin fan nor My Dearest. Watched the drama but saeguk is just not me but even me know she is one of the most seek out actress right now
    Her acting def stands out from her peers and I can see her climbing as top tier one day.

    A nugu? Suzy fans are pathetic

  14. My Dearest is the beat drama of 2023 and it’s because of Nam Koongmin and Ahn Eunjin brilliant acting. Idk why she is taking 2dn FL role again, maybe because the role is interesting?

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