MBC Sageuk My Dearest Part 1 Ends with Series High 12.2% Ratings and Howls of Anger From Fans with the Direction of the Story

I don’t know if I would be okay with how this drama ended its first part 10-episode run this weekend but the vast majority of the audience feedback are angry complaints. MBC serious romance sageuk My Dearest wrapped a short 10-episode first part run this weekend, with part 2 coming in October, and the ratings are a drama high of 12.2%. But viewers are frustrated that the leads are apart at this juncture of the drama reportedly the female lead is marrying another guy and the male lead is off crossing paths with a new female character. I feel like it’s just misdirection to create conflict and tension so there is actually a getting back together path in part 2 of the drama but it’s clearly upsetting the loyal fans so hopefully the drama doesn’t lost a chunk of the audience next month when it returns.

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Supporting Cast Member in Netflix Apocalypse Drama Goodbye Earth Laments All the Good Work that Will Never Be Broadcast

K-actor Yoo Ah In actually has a few upcoming projects both movie and drama and the first confirmed news this week was Netflix replacing him in the yet to film Hellbound 2. But for the completed projects, today a supporting … Continue reading

2010 College Grad Classmates Lee Sang Yi, Kim Go Eun, Ahn Eun Jin, Lee Yoo Young, Park So Dam, and Kim Sung Chul Form Legendary Line of Current Hot Acting Talent

Running this blog for so long there are times I still think the era is X when it’s really moved on to Y. It happens fast in K-pop more than K-dramas and definitely K-movies rarely move the top line. But … Continue reading