Chen Fei Yu and Wang Ying Lu Start Filming C-drama Adapted From Novel Offering Salted Fish to Master

So my first response was “who is this” to the female lead but when I read the promos it kinda makes sense what the production is going for. Filming has commenced for xianxia C-drama Offering Fish (Xian Yu based on the novel Offering Salted Fish to Master) and will star Chen Fei Yu (Arthur Chen) and Wang Ying Lu as the leads. Both were born in the aughts (after 2000) and the production specifically touted that this drama will skew young and offer fresh faces and a take on the xianxia genre. Wang Ying Lu debuted in 2020 and has 8 dramas under her belt but I happen to have not watched a single of her project lol hence my “whut?” and “who?” reaction to her casting. But new and emerging talent is everywhere and if she uses this to launch herself to broader recognition that’s great and a boom for viewers to get another new face.


Chen Fei Yu and Wang Ying Lu Start Filming C-drama Adapted From Novel Offering Salted Fish to Master — 8 Comments

  1. I like her looks, she seem very relaxed in the photo. I have watched her in I am Nobody as the lead actress and The Heart of Genius as support. She is also in Created in China but unfortunately due to Song Zu Er, that drama is yet to be released. She is a very attractive looking young women, with a cool attitude.

    I hope she will do well in Period drama… Looking forward to this. If she does well, I believe we will see more of her. She is definitely not the sweet, innocent, cute beauty. I feel she can fill the missing gap in the current young actress repertoire.

  2. It’s Wang Yinglu not Xinglu and she’s got the role off her popularity as 冯宝宝 in modern fantasy I Am Nobody. She’s definitely one to watch and the breakout star off that show, so not exactly a new face. I see people spam 宝儿姐 online and realise it’s her nickname, and initially i thought she played the HK actress Petrina Fung lol. Her visuals are very spunky and fresh, plus she has a following on Douyin thanks to 冯宝宝

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  4. WYL is practically a very experienced actress compared to CFY while being at the same age
    She is a good actress based on her recent performances
    Hopefully she will do as well in this project
    I am surprised seeing her take a Xianxia and an Idol drama when her work portfolio so far have being out of the box for girls of her age
    CFY is still very green. There is lots of space for development in him. Lack of experience and the experiences he had so far did not make him put too much effort to be condidered a good actor.

  5. I read the novel and it seems wang yinglu is quite fitting. She has that laidback kind of aura in I am nobody. As for chen feiyu, I think there’ll be no problem for him to play murder maniac, he got that chaotic evil look. Well I don’t know but I think a lot of think gonna get censored, especially about ml parents

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