Production Indecisiveness Around Top Billing for Chinese Paladin 4 is a Self-created Problem and May End Up Suddenly Air Dropping Drama with Zero Promos

There are so many finished C-dramas with actual problems, like in jail mail leads, a topic that is banned by the C-government, and a cast member under investigation for tax evasion. So Chinese Paladin 4 not airing yet is the funniest shiz because it’s solely self-created by the production and network in signing a contract two years ago with Ju Jing Yi as top billed and then wanting to put Chen Zhe Yuan now as top billed after he got more popular. This is what we call “rich people problems” in that it’s a problem only to the self-absorbed main character which in this case is the production company since the drama isn’t even all that highly anticipated and early reviews from an insider who watched it says it’s just mid (not terrible but just middle of the road for xianxia in script, acting, and costuming). The latest gossip is that everyone on all sides is fed up with the production company’s indecisiveness and the production company in not making a clear statement is making the situation worse, so the production company may end up air dropping the drama with zero promos and just call it a day.


Production Indecisiveness Around Top Billing for Chinese Paladin 4 is a Self-created Problem and May End Up Suddenly Air Dropping Drama with Zero Promos — 10 Comments

  1. They probably expected Chen Zheyuan to explode after Hidden Love like Dylan Wang did after Cang Lan Jue. But it never happened. I agree they should just air drop this drama. I just want to watch it and don’t really care who gets top billed.

  2. This Thing called billing is Just ammunition for fans to make wars
    I think fans of celebrities can not be mentally healthy People at all
    I spend time on here, on Twitter and see only ill madness and nothing else coming from fans

  3. LOL, after all the noise they made, they’re really just gonna air drop with no promos. Hella petty. I would never want to work with this production again.

  4. They can’t change the billing. Legally if the contract says she is first billed both he and the production can just keep on dreaming. China made this law especially to stop production manipulation and agencies and actors like him from screwing over others.

  5. Wow, this is horrible! Any actor or actress should stay away from this production company. Can’t trust them by what they’re doing to JJY and how shameful of CZY’s company to even try to fight for it too when you know it in in the first place that it wasn’t yours to begin with.

  6. He already signed a contract how much to get paid, if they changed him to top billings does that mean he get a pay increase? lol.

    This is embarrassing, just resort to sort by alphabetical order & get the damn drama out. Chinese dramas are so incompetent trying to relaid heavily on crazy fans and have no faith in their own drama production. If u have an incredible story, u would not step so low in creating issues. This is a great examples of instigating fans to fight & not fully on fans who have their bias. I have no faith in this drama already.

  7. It’s the production company fault not CZY apparently I don’t think he’s grabby like that. The production company probably thinks they can get more if they put him as top bill or equal billing.

  8. Omgee Koala, this drama is getting dropped on air like a hot potato and it is not cooling down. There are some new news on this as both sides’ agency came out with their statements. Hopefully, you can cover it!

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