Chinese Paladin 6 Sword and Fairy with Xu Kai and Yu Shu Xin Wraps Filming and Releases First Official Stills

Another 2023 premiering C-drama wrapped filming recently, the live action adaptation of Chinese Paladin 6 video game called Sword and Fairy. It stars Xu Kai and Yu Shi Xin (Esther Yu) and for the former he looks like he just swapped sets from his other upcoming drama Wonderland of Love and she’s doing another xianxia drama with Fairy in the title after this summer’s big hit Love Between Fairy and Devil. Neither are what I call good actors but he’s consistently good enough is the best I can say and she’s got charm aplenty as evidence by her large online fandom and continued improvement in acting based on broad feedback. CP6 is a wildly popular RPG game, not all CP games have the same level of player popularity hence the excitement for this one. I think Yu Shu Xin’s look in this first still looks so awful, not her fault but the stylist but then again I believe it’s the look of her character in the game so there isn’t much that can be done to deviate. Her second look is much better in the last picture but I can do with the massive breast plates on her battle costume.

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Xu Kai Shares First Filming Snaps From Set of Chinese Paladin 6 Drama Sword and Fairy and BTS Pictures Show Female Lead Yu Shu Xin’s Character Visuals

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Popular C-actor Xu Kai and Rising Actress Yu Shu Xin Cast in the Highly Anticipated C-drama Adaptation of Chinese Paladin 6 Titled Sword and Fairy

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Nostalgia as Chinese Paladin Goddesses Crystal Liu, Yang Mi, and Liu Shi Shi Reunite at Bazaar China Charity Night

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