C-ent Insiders Say the Billing Push From Chen Zhe Yuan’s Camp is Real and Coming From iQiyi Investing in the Drama Love on the Turquoise Land

So y’all want more melon on this one? So the production of C-drama Love on the Turquoise Land is happy to have confirmed Dilraba Dilmurat and Chen Zhe Yuan for the leads and both stars like the script and their characters. The biggest issue is billing order, it’s either going to be Dilraba first as expected or equal billing between the two which is what Chen Zhe Yuan’s camp wants. Reportedly the strong push is because Chen Zhe Yuan’s side did it against Ju Jing Yi in Sword and Fairy 4 so his side feels like they know what they are doing and this will be all worth it if they get their way. Wow, what the exact opposite lesson I wished they took away from the Sword and Fairy 4 debacle. Another reason for his side’s strong stance is that iQiyi has invested 7% into this drama and Chen Zhe Yuan is the current fave boy of iQiyi which is being very generous in promoting him. Dilraba’s fandom is vocal about her dropping out of this drama if the production won’t change the male lead and allows the equal billing to happen. But reportedly Dilraba is kinda fine with whatever happens, which is either supreme confidence or nonchalance on her part.

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Chen Zhe Yuan’s Camp is Insisting on Equal Billing with Dilraba Dilmurat with Their New Drama Love on the Turquoise Land

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Both Sword and Fairy C-dramas Adapted From Chinese Paladin Games are Industry Flops But Consensus is CP6 is Less Bad than CP4

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Sword and Fairy 4 with Ju Jing Yi and Chen Zhe Yuan Hilariously Has Landing Page Poster Billing Blooper Putting in Names Liu Shi Shi and Liu Yu Ning Instead

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Dilraba Dilmurat’s Fans Do Not Want Chen Zhe Yuan as Her Male Lead in Love in the Turquoise Land After the Billing Fan War with Ju Jing Yi in Sword and Fairy 4

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Production Indecisiveness Around Top Billing for Chinese Paladin 4 is a Self-created Problem and May End Up Suddenly Air Dropping Drama with Zero Promos

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Yang Zi and Zhu Yi Long Wins 2023 Weibo Night Queen and King as the C-stars Put on the First Red Carpet Party of the New Year

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Big C-blogger Basically Confirms Its Dilraba Dilmurat with Chen Zhe Yuan for Big Budget C-drama Love in the Turquoise Land

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