C-ent Insiders Say the Billing Push From Chen Zhe Yuan’s Camp is Real and Coming From iQiyi Investing in the Drama Love on the Turquoise Land

So y’all want more melon on this one? So the production of C-drama Love on the Turquoise Land is happy to have confirmed Dilraba Dilmurat and Chen Zhe Yuan for the leads and both stars like the script and their characters. The biggest issue is billing order, it’s either going to be Dilraba first as expected or equal billing between the two which is what Chen Zhe Yuan’s camp wants. Reportedly the strong push is because Chen Zhe Yuan’s side did it against Ju Jing Yi in Sword and Fairy 4 so his side feels like they know what they are doing and this will be all worth it if they get their way. Wow, what the exact opposite lesson I wished they took away from the Sword and Fairy 4 debacle. Another reason for his side’s strong stance is that iQiyi has invested 7% into this drama and Chen Zhe Yuan is the current fave boy of iQiyi which is being very generous in promoting him. Dilraba’s fandom is vocal about her dropping out of this drama if the production won’t change the male lead and allows the equal billing to happen. But reportedly Dilraba is kinda fine with whatever happens, which is either supreme confidence or nonchalance on her part.


C-ent Insiders Say the Billing Push From Chen Zhe Yuan’s Camp is Real and Coming From iQiyi Investing in the Drama Love on the Turquoise Land — 96 Comments

      • I live in Malaysia for afew years in my childhood but never learnt the language. Thus did not noticed it was Malay,lol.

      • Yes, Indo and Bahasa have some different intonations and word meaning. But spoken Malay in Malaysia can be pretty confusing too because there are words that aren’t necessarily taught but are used in local speech. It’s a headache to interpret text-like messages/posts with all the shortforms and local words (like reading valley talk or listening to southern pronunciation for the first few times).

      • tak paham kenapa pihak jantan keras kepala sangat. Padahal mengalah je la sikit. Nanti mendiva je la dengan pelakon lain.

        Berani nyah dia nak lawan Dilraba, dah la member berlakon lagi lama dari mamat ni.

    • Mereka bilang ya itu perusahaannya yang melakukan business ini. Tapi, tentu di masa depan, tiada Diva wanita yang mau bekerja dengan dia, ‘kan? Potong hidung kerena muka.

  1. The impression I am getting from Dilraba is… As long as she accepted this drama, she will complete this job. Her popularity is not going to be affect if she share billing or is the only top bill. That is not her concern as frankly, she is too busy to fight such battles. And these battle will not affect her doing her job anyway.

    As for Chen Zhe Yuan’s side, well, if it is his image and reputation at stalk here… I both his agency will take good care of this young actor and ensure his career will go far..

    • It seems to me like Dilraba is currently having a mid-career crisis, she has talked about getting a break etc.

      As for CZY, well…he’s already more than 5 years into acting. If Hidden Love couldn’t propel him to popularity, I doubt anything else would, some people are just not lead material. iQiyi can continue flushing their money down the drain.

      • IQIYI doesn’t lack any prince. IQIYI will keep pushing all of them. One must be able to have break through. And when it happens, IQIYI will milk him like Jaywalk milk Dilraba and Yang Mi. From IQIYI POV, it is calculated risk.

      • Lol what makes iQiyi so sure that one of its “princes” will break through? Imo all its money invested into its current batch of “princes” will go down the drain. It’s getting more and more difficult for platforms and agencies to produce a real liuliang actor/actress these days as people nowadays watch less and less dramas with their attention diverted to other forms of entertainment like games and tiktok/douyin.

        Anyway I think platforms are stupid for trying to produce liuliang actors/actresses instead of good dramas that viewers will want to rewatch every so often and advertisers will continuously place their ads into those dramas. Producing liuliang actors/actresses should solely be the job of entertainment agencies.

      • Him in Sword and Fairy 4 is just unwatchable for me…not just due to him.
        Lets see how he fairs in the coming drama. He is still not on stable ground. Enjoy his fame and save his earnings. Who knows what happens in 2 years.
        China is not lack of ‘Fresh Meat’ taking over.

      • That’s why it was calculated risk. No investment without risk. It may fail, it may succeed. If don’t want to take risk, then why invest. Better put money in the bank and earn interest.

    • If she says yes to this her value does go down. She won’t be able to have the same strength going forward because any other major actor will think like this : czy = dlb but I am better than him so I am better than her.

      And there are many, many actors better than him. Her team should never allow this

      • She will leave the business side to her trusted team. She will do her job.Her team have taken care of her for so long…i am sure they will fight for what is her dues.

      • Her company is the same one that forced Yang Mi to repeatedly take on low quality idol dramas, and even announced one for her without her knowing. Yang Mi finally couldn’t take it anymore and decided to leave last year, according to an interview that was recently published. They are forcing Dilireba to do the exact same. I’m not surprised if they will agree to equal billing just for more $ because they need investor money (like someone mentioned in one of the comments). In fact, I think they will be trying to milk her before her contract runs and she leaves as well. Because Jaywalk has no other star beside her.

    • She should definitely be billed first if that’s what she was promised. It feels like a bait and switch to get a top actor on the hook for a project under certain conditions and then try to change those conditions for a lead that came after the big name is attached. That’s why I like when it’s mentioned that an actor is considering a drama. If things like this happen behind the scenes, an actor should have the option to opt out without looking like the bad guy. I’m sure many would watch a drama with Dilraba paired with an unknown. If the same doesn’t apply to him, then he shouldn’t get equal biling. If it was someone like Yang Yang or Xiao Zhan signing up for this, I’d get the billing renegotations. This just seems like it opens the door to cause a huge mess for future dramas as other actors try to pull this.

      • Dilraba have not paired with Xiao Zhan. Was there even a rumours about it before? I noticed sometimes we hear such rumours just to test crowd and fans responses…it amy not really happen. I just dont remember if there was a Dilraba and Xiao Zhan possible pairing before??

        As for Chen Zhe Yuan, good luck to him.

      • XZ won’t costar with Reba most likely since She can’t act. XZ might not have much say about casting decisions of his leading ladies in the past and therefore, some of his leading ladies were not really good. But I think his camp will have more leverage in the FL casting decision going forward given his acting breakthrough in 2023 to elevate his status as a result and been working with two renowned directors since then.

      • @Somebody I am not a fan of Dilireba’s acting, but saying XZ won’t work with her because she isn’t good sounds very elitist and isn’t earning your fave any good will. I see no evidence that he has the power to choose his co-stars. XZ has improved, but he isn’t universally acclaimed for his acting yet.

      • @Guest No need to bother about whatever that American third-class citizen says. The only reason he’s into Chinese entertainment is to indulge in degrading XFXs (XZ’s real fans) and Chinese people while claiming to be a XZ fan.

      • LOL @Lilth, everyone knows you’re stalking me cos I exposed you to be a commie stooge and mouthpiece that embarrasses you. What BS has come out of your mouth has no credibility regarding the US and me as a dignified American citizen. Just look how your comments are contradictory to your behavior all the time – attacking the western system and democracy originated from the British political reform but strengthened by the US while you are obviously reluctant to forgo the freedom under this system and go back to China. LMAO. Such a hypocrite! I won’t stop reminding ppl of your true color being a CCP crony. Other than all the BS and speculations you rambled most of the time about C-ent, what else is worth attention from your mouth? LOL

      • @Guest, no C actors have been universally acclaimed for acting so far, to be more precise. My point isn’t to downgrade Reba but it’s a fact she can’t act and I’m not the only one holding this view. She is a top female liliung that is liked by a huge following in China. That being said, she isn’t an actress whose acting is on par with XZ. I’m not saying XZ has a final say in any casting decision. But now, he surely has more leeway to pick projects with good casts (FL included), scripts, and directors than before. My opinion doesn’t speak for others including XZ and his team but I’m entitled to my opinion as a fan. Per my observation of XZ’s acting development and also his own interviews, he picked the projects based upon two principles. First, he must like and be intrigued by the role. Second, he must think the project is challenging enough for him to develop acting skills and depth. From these perspectives, I wouldn’t costar with Reba if I were him given that a costar is very important for a motivated actor to hone acting skills with and for a drama to be successful. He wants his dramas to have both good ratings and even more importantly, positive reviews. That being said, I’d like to remind fans that everything we said here is only speaking for our own opinions and therefore, I don’t speak for others. I don’t speak for XZ’s fandom collectively. I don’t have to be conformed to anyone’s narratives. Therefore, Lilith’s BS about me is folly and nonsense. Her derogatory remarks about me is always unhinged. She’s bitter since she appears to lose sanity all the time whenever ppl disagree with her. LOL

      • @Somebody barking for your white masters again. Sadly no matter how much you bark for them, they still see you as a third-class citizen and will call you Chinese whenever you walk past them.

      • @Lilith, I am just curious…Are you Chinese? There are many members here who are not Chinese but they do enjoy watching Asian dramas..which is a great thing. I am curious because I dont sense you are Chinese…I may be very wrong here.

        I love Chinese history alot but I will never want to live in CCP run China. I am glad my ancestor made the tough and hard decision to live their hometown and loves ones to migrate overseas for work. His decision changed my whole life.

      • @HL I have a bit of Chinese blood via a late ancestor, which is why I’m interested in Chinese culture and entertainment. I have no desire to live in China too, but this Somebody here is so annoying with his constant rant about CCP, demeaning ethnic Chinese and going off like a mad dog when this is an entertainment news blog. Living in America doesn’t make him any more superior than other people yet he’s here acting like he’s above all.

      • @Lilith, I see. …Chinese culture and history is interesting. To be really honest, I dont follow the culture much. My parents never really taught us that. Thus I spend more time and attention on Christmas then CNY. Being in the West, it is even harder to get CNY spirit for the family. I just realised as I type I forget to give my son his red packet!!!! I better pack 2 now…one from me and one from my hubby.😫 so late…still within 15days at least.

      • @Lilith, LOL. Everyone knows you’ve been a fervent mouthpiece for the CCP regime and pathetic Chinese culture/practice under that regime. You exposed your affiliation with CCP not long after I re-visit Koala’s blogs again. You used to defend CCP’s propaganda very often and your comments appear so obviously in line with CCP’s narratives. I don’t know where you live (Singapore? if you have guts to reveal that instead of hiding). Nowadays, not only are many Chinese expats affiliated with CCP but many non Chinese also have connections with CCP for business purposes and financial interest and therefore, are willing to be CCP stooges. I saw you exhibit strong signs of that besides constantly discrediting the US and the West. More than that, your provocative reaction and language to different opinions show that you don’t have respect for freedom of speech and therefore, you easily got triggered with incoherent responses, worst of which was labeling ppl who disagree with you using accusation and derogatory remarks. When you cussed me by saying I’m a 3rd class citizens working for white master, you’re humiliating ALL the Asian Americans including Chinese Americans. You obviously never have had appropriate training in participating in civil debates. Therefore, you resorted to accusation, cussing, and labeling to shift attention from your own lame arguments. I don’t have high regard for a nugu like you. I have no trouble eyeing for eye with the most aggressive language possible getting back on you. You reap what you sow!

        BTW, I’m only critical of pathetic culture/practices/perceptions influenced by egregious CCP. I do not judge ethnic Chinese. My hubby, my in-law, and the extended family are 100% ethnic Chinese. Are you implying that I’ve been attacking my own hubby’s race? LMAO. Dunce!

        “Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own eyes.”

      • @lu I’m well aware of the Chinese censorship, thank you. However, just like how people don’t like having political propaganda thrusted to their face while they are watching dramas, I also don’t like seeing a barrage of political comments on unrelated entertainment articles. And I’m not the one here forcefully claiming random people to be Chinese or CCP supporter, yet why do you make me out as the one at fault here?

        @Somebody Lol you’re laughable as always. You don’t judge ethnic Chinese? I’ll throw your words back at you, there’s record of all your previous comments here unless Koala deletes them for you. You’re a hypocrite through and through, attacking so many commenters here and called them Chinese just because they don’t agree with your sentiment. The term “American third-class citizen” is reserved for brainwashed lackeys like you who jumps at every opportunity to help your masters bully the rest of the world into praising America.

    • @Somebody see, girl, I’m *with* you. Lol. Been reading your commentary about the political and economic landscape of your homeland in recent posts (which I was trying to allude to that one time lol), and yeah, pretty much everything you said.

      @Lillith, though you say all of this is just entertainment, you should do some digging, because Chinese entertainment (and society) is absolutely influenced by the tight reign of the government. Entire stories have been rendered confusing because censorship swept in to redirect endings, like… bro, why did this story end that way!?!! These actors and actresses are just trying to make bank before they can’t anymore. Though they obviously make more than the average citizen, they are clearly playing the game as well, cranking out all kinds of stupid, even embarrassing, productions to stay on pay roll. Honestly, that’s why “top billing” is silly. We all know most of these dramas are going to underperform where it matters most: THE STORY! Lol. Not surprising when Chinese producers, directors, writers, actors, etc. are only allowed to execute mostly shallow storylines inside of the parameters established by the government. That’s why we’re all up in these blogs, trying to find and hoping for a good one, since they’re So RARE! Lol. (I’m like you, btw, not Chinese but a long ago descendant pushed out into Southeast Asia, so if you feel inclined to urge me to be something or go somewhere, ALREADY DONE. Lol.).

      @HL 👋😄

      • Thanks Lu for elaborating what I had trouble spelling out about the C-ent mess. That’s my main point: CCP autocracy and now dictatorship is the reason causing all the drama productions of poor quality.

        BTW, China isn’t my homeland. I’m from Taiwan with mixed blood of Dutch, indigenous tribes, and Southern Chinese. My maternal great grandpa was half Dutch and half indigenous tribal. My paternal side is mix of Southern Chinese and indigenous tribal. My dad immigrated us to the US when I was a teen. We’ve been in the US for decades and America is our homeland now.
        But we still have a lot of relatives in Taiwan. The island country has been doing amazingly well recently. I’m seeing dramatic changes in American’s perception of Taiwan. Not speaking for other parts of the world though. Before COVID-19, many Americans mixed up Taiwan with Thailand. LOL. Now, even kids in my subdivision know Taiwan and chips. Also FOOD. LOL again. But my hubby’s side is 100% ethnic Chinese. His parents were born in China. We communicate at home in English and Mandarin combined.

      • @Somebody, Ohhhhh wow. Cool! Yunno, I started with Taiwanese ent when I was a kid/teenager. “Mars” had me captured!! Lol. Somehow Taiwan ent seemed much more down to earth (even when I didn’t know anything about politics or the world), and I just recently jumped back to C-ent, not remembering too much of what I engaged with way back when. Truly, I hope the Chinese government learns how to care about and help its people. If the people of China could actually tell THEIR stories, mannnnnnn oh man, I think we’d actually see amazing work coming out of China.

      • @lu I’m well aware of the Chinese censorship, thank you. However, just like how people don’t like having political propaganda thrusted to their face while they are watching dramas, I also don’t like seeing a barrage of political comments on unrelated entertainment articles. And I’m not the one here forcefully claiming random people to be Chinese or CCP supporter, yet why do you make me out as the one at fault here?

        @Somebody Lol you’re laughable as always. You don’t judge ethnic Chinese? I’ll throw your words back at you, there’s record of all your previous comments here unless Koala deletes them for you. You’re a hypocrite through and through, attacking so many commenters here and called them Chinese just because they don’t agree with your sentiment. The term “American third-class citizen” is reserved for brainwashed lackeys like you who jumps at every opportunity to help your masters bully the rest of the world into praising America.

      • @HL “Mars” is a canon event for me! Lol. I still have a story ruminating in my head, waiting to be written, inspired by what I saw and felt watching “Mars”. Sigh! So Good!! 🥹

        @Lilith honestly, it’s hard to separate the two for me. The govt’s limitations on expression are far too great that it’s reflected in the process and storylines in Chinese entertainment. We get piles on piles of garbage, and on rare occasions, some diamonds in the rough. If you can separate the two, fantastic. After each failed production, I’m always shaking my head because I know part of the failure is on the govt. 🤷🏻‍♂️

      • @Lilith, enough being said!!! You’re a laughing stock! You being a CCP stooge is undeniable with plenty of prior comments on this site. I wouldn’t have fought with you frequently if you hadn’t exhibited a consistent pattern of anti-democracy and freedom of speech!!!!!! I’m not the only one seeing your true color. CCP has been paying an army of cronies and commie lackeys like you and some others to broadcast agendas and narratives everywhere online, manipulated by Russia and CCP China alike. Your derogatory remarks about the US are just one stark example in line with CCP’s gimmicks to discredit the US and to cause division among American ppl, e.g., language such as racist and 3rd class citizens etc. Any American citizen and ppl who are well educated in a democratic society can instantly tell your commie language and ugly lies full of your foul mouth and dunce head. It’s futile for you to defend yourself and your beloved CCP since your points are so lame. So unhinged and pathetic!

      • @Lilith, nobody asks you to praise the US since the US is just what it is as the one and only superpower in the world. You’re nothing to us! Why is the US so strong? Cos the system has the most balanced benefits for everyone to live in, unlike CCP China where only a minority of privileged party members get the best. Your language about the US and me as a decent American citizen has already exposed your twisted mental state with resentment/bitterness about the US and the democratic values this country has been advocating for centuries. No wonder you’re not tired of defending CCP and its regime, the exact opposite system to the American system. I did not have interest preaching democratic values to a brainwashed commie lackey like you since you’re a dunce and isn’t educatable. But you always stalked me again and again and over again with incoherent, provocative, and derogatory remarks. You just keep reminding me of how you used to zealously defend CCP authority, claiming the Chinese government wouldn’t bother to have their hands on showbiz but I rebuked you. You have been pretty bitter since I exposed your fallacies many times. And now you said you’re well aware of Chinese censorship? LMAO. Look how incoherent and contradictory you are back then and now! Delirious! Do you have dementia? Go check your track records! SMH!

      • @Somebody Your US master thrives off of war and chaos. Did I mention that I have no desire to live in China above? Well, I have no desire to live in the US either with its mass shootings, unhealthy ultra-processed food and blatant racism. China is bad, but America is worse. With China, you know who’s running the country. But America? Heh, you only know who the puppets are.

      • @Lilith, see! You once again defame the US. Everyone knows China and Russia are the current axes of evil. Specifically, China is the mastermind behind the Ukraine war and Hamas terrorist attack of Israelis. Xi had meetings with Putin several times not long before Putin invaded Ukraine and China supported Russian war economy with all made-in-China goods. A lot of made-in-China weapons were confiscated by IDF after they seized Hamas hideouts. You just can’t stop being a mouthpiece of CCP to spread lies about the US and the west. You’ve been consistently exposing yourself a commie lackey and a laughingstock with all the BS !!!!

      • @Lilith, you’d better move China soon. There’re tons of ghost towns for you to invest at tumbled prices. LMAO. Loser!

      • @Somebody Your words truly show your ignorance as a third-class American. You can regurgitate all the propaganda shit you want, but people are laughing at you behind your back. It amuses me whenever you try to insinuate that you are part of the upper middle class, totally fits my expectations of an insecure third-class citizen thinking that will make your white masters treat you better. Too bad your actions here already exposed your low social status.

      • @Lilith, LMAO. You’re a bitter person from nowhere to keep defaming the US and insulting us American citizens with full foul mouth of moronic fallacies. All your narratives so far have been pretty much in line with CCP propaganda even you denied it. Let me preach you!!!!! LOL. “All men are created equal” is in the US Declaration of Independence, in the US Constitution, and is also hard inscribed on Thomas Jefferson Memorial for 100s of 1000 tourists around the world to visit each year. Only a world no-class citizen like Lilith would classify American people into different classes, exactly in line with commie ideology and propaganda. In China, ppl are labeled low-class vs. high-class (低端人口 vs. 高端人口) based upon wealth and social/political privilege/status. There isn’t such a concept of stark discrimination and prejudice in the US against its own citizens. At least 1/3 of my income goes to the US government on various forms of taxes. Yes, my wealth is in the upper-middle percentile among all US citizens. Nonetheless, I’m no more dignified nor deserve any higher social status nor any privileges than my fellow Americans. Here in the US, we are all equal and everyone needs to be respected by all others. Obviously you don’t have this concept in your dunce head so the only thing you can say about the US is crass nonsense! I’m not preaching to change you cos it’s very hard for a brainwashed dunce to grasp the truth. But some ppl will get my points and agree. For those who disagree, please mind your own business and don’t bother to stalk me !!! LOL.

      • @Somebody Lmao says the guy that stalked me in the first place. You’re the bitter one here constantly insulting Chinese people and C-netz and ranting about CCP like you can’t live without them. It’s funny how you lapped up the pretty words made to keep up appearances when the actual reality is that your white masters see you as a third-class citizen. Don’t tell me you’ve never been subjected to racism in the US?

        And just look at your words, you claimed to be no more dignified nor deserve any higher social status nor any privileges than “my fellow Americans”. Not fellow humans but fellow Americans~ So I’m not wrong at all when I said you think of yourself as being superior to people from other countries. You think being an American third-class citizens entitles you to put other people down. It doesn’t matter how much wealth you claimed to have, the way you behave here screams uneducated and poor upbringing.

    • Because ZLS has pretty good backing too. His team did it to JJY because they knew her company is weak, and now they’re doing it with Dilraba because they knew Dilraba is gentle and easygoing as seen in Divas Hit The Road. Dilraba’s agency is also no longer in its heydays, that’s why they are trying to push it with investor money.

      • Dilraba is really a down to earth, it is just due to her upbringing. She is gentle, easy and quite blur…very cute. But she looks so tired in Divas…she definitely need to eat more and stay healthy.

      • I heard economy is getting very bad there…lots of young graduates with no suitable jobs. They waste their childhood studying just to get so disappointed as adults. Too many Asian parents push kids too much. The kids ends up not knowing how to enjoy life…

      • China’s debt burden is snowballing and almost irreparable unless CCP reduced their exorbitant spending on military so that they may have enough to write off debts entangling many banks and the industries, real estate in particular. Also many debt traps wooing countries to sign up Belt and Road Initiative are poor investments and a failing foreign policy on the Chinese side since those countries are now financially dismal and have no money to pay back China, just to the opposite of what CCP have been advertising in propaganda. LMAO. All I said above has plenty of financial records to verify, e.g, publications by IMF and World Bank.

      • @Somebody, I find the Road & Belt initiative will take a long time to even profit…. even so, it will require lots of investments.

      • @HL, BRI won’t profit! There’s no way to recoup the losses incurred to China from BRI. I’m a certified expert in financial risk management. Debt not well managed is a serious problem for both individuals and countries too. I assure you BRI is a loser business model. On the one hand, many countries signing up BRI with CCP and moved on to have constructions found themselves in financial quagmires without ability to pay back loans from China. On the other hand, China has no way to recoup money they loaned to these countries other than writing them off; BRI aggravates China’s already debt-ridden economy. Both creditor (China) and BRI debtors are losers in these business deals. LOL. Debt will eventually grow exponentially like snowballing until the economy goes bankrupt. Examples, Greek, Venezuela, and Argentina, to just name a few. Now Sri Lanka and Pakistan etc. of BRI partners are on the border of national bankruptcy. If CCP doesn’t take money out to write off the huge debts accumulated in and outside China, China will go bankrupt soon. What does that mean by a nation going bankrupt? Hours of lessons to lecture that I will skip. The dilemma for China is: Emperor Xi is very possibly not willing to shift spending from military and police (for oppressing protests etc) to bailout the sectors in debt, nor does China have enough cash to do so. Therefore, CCP China is doomed!

    • Once again, you think it’s him! Think again please. This is between the agencies and the platform, but he is the one being painted in bad light. As others said, he is not that powerful, he is being pushed to a wall also. I doubt he would want this. From what I’ve known observing him, he cares about his craft. And really actors of his rank already earn a lot in China they don’t need anymore money and I highly doubt he’s even as interested in being a liulang as others think.

  2. So many people bashing the guy based on rumors.
    I don’t know how he is is like is real life. For me, every celebrity is a scumbag until proven innocent 100x times.
    Let’s talk about facts.
    It’s truth his agency is one of the many subsidiaries of IQIYI. It’s truth IQIYI will hire actors from the agencies which belongs to them.
    People have no space to argue. Huge majority of Dilraba’s projects were produced or co-produced or financed by her agency.
    Let’s talk about a woman who is terrible at acting and only seriously adored for her beauty. Now this not rumor. It’s a fact.

    • I’m with you on this. Too much pushing on this narrative. If it is true, they’re making him too much the bad guy. Y’all are saying he’s not even famous, not popular etc well do y’all think this is up to him. He has an agency and with iQiYi, I don’t think this is in his hands to decide. Scriptwise maybe he has a say what he likes but the rest I don’t think so. Making him look like such a bad guy for what? Dilraba is already on top, this is not her loss, especially when she doesn’t even have projects left and right anymore to speak of. If she did, why waste time on this? Reeking of double standards.

    • Rumor or not…it is harming his image and reputation… I feel his agency really should deal with this better…this is the second drama such rumours are actively discussed and in circulation. It is hard to just ignore for normal locals.

      I really wish his agency took better care of him…such negative publicity will do his career no benefit at all. It is just to unfair to this young chap who clearly just want to do his job as well as he can and is not a arrogant person to begin with..

    • I’ll take all the blaming on CZY a grain of salt, specifically when many narratives are propagated by fandoms that have been notoriously ferocious in defamation and bringing down celebrities. That being said, all the fuss may harm CZY’s image. But does his agency really cares? His agency’s managers and investors may only care about how much money they can get out of his billing status.

      Koala’s post and all the comments here including mine are nothing but speculations. I’m not that gullible. I think the fuss is futile and frivolous. I only care about if a drama good or not.

    • It’s not rumor he forced equal billing in his previous drama, even though it meant breaching the contract for the FL

      He is highly connected to iQiyi and he is using this to punch way above his actual weight. I will never get people like you who are D riding these nobodies that are screwing over people based on the money they have access to.

      • You did not read my OP well. I clearly said his agency is a subsidiary of IQIYI. IQIYI have many agencies of actors as subsidiaries.
        You have to fight with IQIYI and his agency.
        I’m not his fan.
        I clearly said in my OP that I believe every celebrity is a scumbag.
        He is not any different from Dilraba who is also somebody who screw over people on the money she got through powerful people backing her up and ignore her terrible acting skills and overworship her beauty.

  3. I feel like she doesn’t care. Lol. Which is a good thing. She’s been mediocre in everything, but she does seem nice ha, so I’m always hoping she’ll at least try to crank out one worthy production at some point in her career. CZY, however, not a fan of his slimy acting in “Hidden Love” (I get the same slime vibes from Wu Lei in that boring winter drama that’s airing right now… you gotta act PAST the looks of longing… lol) and his Paladin comedy vibe was weak.

    • To be fair Paladin was filmed early on in his career it just took a long time to be broadcast as well as that werewolf one. I feel like he has improved since then. Judging by the varied projects he’s choosing. Hopefully this is better. Just because Dilraba is in it does not mean automatically good. Her last drama wasn’t all that neither.

      • Let’s hope! His face fits a boy next door type of character, not so much a heroic lead, and he certainly couldn’t do fun/funny with Paladin, so here’s to hoping he wants to elevate his acting to match the price tag they wanna stick on him! I just want a GOOD story from C-ent! 🤞🙏

    • Just came oh here to say I totally agree with your comment about his “slimy” acting in Hidden Love. I dropped the drama cuz I was so grossed out, he didn’t make the character likeable at all for me. I’m a big Wu Lei fan (even finished that snoozefest Nothing but love for him lol) but had to drop the current Snowstorm drama too. It’s like Ling Buyi in modern times, same kinda acting and eye expressions but creepier. Lol. Also agree Dilireba is a one note actress. I can’t tell any of her dramas apart, her acting is always the same.

      • Lol yeahhhh, Ling Buyi only worked because he had literal WAR to balance out him being in love/infatuated with Shaoshang. HAHAHA. He was allowed to long because war and trauma from his family’s tragic end was not kind to him. Lol

      • You’ve hit the nail on the head about that latest Wu Lei drama. He was way too intense for a drama of that type and it didn’t fit at all what the character should be. I was scratching my head because way at the start he was so intense that were this a real situation any woman would have gone to cops and ran.

      • @Truth @lu the funny thing is I watched an interview Wu Lei did for LLTG where he said if he met someone like Ling Buyi irl, he’d call the cops! Hahaha..
        I also read a fans analysis of his acting in LLTG where she said because he’s from Beijing Film Academy, his acting has a lot of technique and he has very clear diction but too self conscious and intense which he’s doing again in Snowstorm lol. His most likeable role for me is in the movie Upcoming Summer, available on Netflix and also his real self in all his vlogs. Hope he picks more likeable and relaxed characters in the future!

      • He needs to relax, for real. Lol. If he, himself, thought his character was a creep… BRO… turn it DOWN. Hahahah. Though I didn’t watch that one gamer drama he starred in with Lu Han, I watched a youtuber deconstruct it, and followed up by watching some clips, and in that drama is the most human he’s ever seemed to me. Lol. He needs to realize that he CAN ground the male lead characters he plays who have affection for their female lead characters. Not every type of love is or starts with full on devotion. Devotion is built, and even earned sometimes. Honestly, maybe it’s because he doesn’t have personal experience with love yet that he’s sort of just doing his warped interpretation of love and affection that requires lots of staring and more staring and then some. Lol. I actually think he’s talented, so I hope he shakes himself out of weirdo behavior mode 😅

  4. Pingback: C-ent Insiders Say the Billing Push From Chen Zhe Yuan's Camp is Actual and Coming From iQiyi Investing within the Drama Love on the Turquoise Land -

  5. People can have different opinions on CZY but I think he is one of the better actors in the late 20s bracket in modern dramas. His historicals are a miss because he honestly even looks too modern for them. So I think he does have the qualities to be a star and is not a nobody, especially after HL. However, I’ve always found this billing thing stupid, it seems like this is more the agencies pulling strings than the actors. I doubt actors have this much say in front of agencies like Iqiyi that is also a mega streaming service. While I may not equate Dilireba and CZY in popularity or stardom, I feel they will make a very good pair so I hope this drama and pairing happens. Plus, you can never be sure about all this buzz, billing order should be kept private as part of a contract but it becoming public may all be for the publicity. We don’t know if any of this is even happening behind the scenes.

  6. If the drama flops (which I sense it would), CZY will bear most blame if he is equally billed. Reba status probably won’t change as long as she maintains her beauty and ages gracefully. Her easy going & cheerful character can fit into many varieties that most senior artists sign on nowadays for easy money.

  7. I kind of love Dilraba more for not being too bothered by all this. She seems very low key and is pretty much free from scandal/drama.

  8. Did he really thinks that getting the top bill is going to help him to establish him as an A-lister? Because this whole thing is only making him look bad. His fandom is not any better either.

    • Billing is and has always been about pride in China. I don’t think he gets equal payment as Dilraba even if he gets equal billing in this drama. He and his team are probably feeling the urgency because actors who debuted around the same time as him have all broke out in hit dramas, but he is still second billed to liuliang actresses. Unless his BL drama with Tan Jianci managed to air (because we all know it attracts the most fans and noise), he has very low chance of becoming a liuliang, much less becoming an A-lister.

    • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s not him, it’s his agency and iQiYi decision. Maybe they have that much belief in him. So many people ready to condemn this guy. From what I know of him, he cares about his acting and projects and I doubt he’s even that interested in being a traffic star as people think he himself is.

  9. latest news on weibo says that chen zheyuan might not be the male lead afterall. lmao if its true then all these 100+ comments on both articles are all for nothing (minus the usa-china arguments between somebody and lilith), and also chen deserves it for his scummy behaviour.

  10. Currently trending on Weibo is the topic 枭起青壤 男主, saying that the male lead has changed and the drama is currently in talks with Chen Xingxu. If its true, Chen Zheyuan and his team deserves it for being so arrogant and unethical, trying to bully Ju Jingyi and Dilireba and leverage on their fame. Also, CXX fits the male lead so much more.

    • CXX and his team must be strong enough to handle all the hate that he will receive besides all the damaging rumors that come with work alongside Dilraba who plays dirty as well

    • CXX and his team must be strong to handle all the hate and the damaging rumors that come alongside working with Dilraba
      Working with a person like her and the kind of people behind her back is not for the weak

    • Lols there you again. How do you even know the first time was true in the first place and all those rumors?! Believing all this unverified nonsense for your QUEEN.

    • Really? I wonder if it is just rumours put out as waring to Chen Zheyuan’s agency. We all know this fight is not initialed by both artistes personally. This is power play between different companies.

    • I am not sure whether it is blessing or not for Chen Zheyuan to drop this drama. It could be that he gets better resources. I mean we are talking about IQIYI princes certainly won’t lack good resources. Not fans of Chen Zheyuan or Dilraba, so it won’t affect me. Won’t watch it when it release unless it gets good review.

  11. I do think this is mostly coming his company so I wouldn’t be so harsh on him. This sort of continued brazenness takes too much balls. Iqiyi seems to be getting desperate that he’s being left behind within the ‘95 group. Most of his peers have already gotten or are getting their 1st or equal billing opposite established ‘85s/‘90s actresses right below the 1st tier – but Dilraba is reallly really not the right actress to force it – she’s too popular so much so that it actually seems disrespectful to her status. He would have a better chance with actresses who have settled for equal or 2nd billing with the 95 actors like Tan Songyun, Jing Tian, Li Yitong (I read a melon that that she and DW could cooperate again on a drama and he gets upgraded to 1st), Song Qian etc.

  12. CZY is a fanboy of Reba as he mentioned in a event several years ago…can check in youtube…i dont hv high hopes of him sorry

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