C-drama The Prisoner of Beauty with Liu Yu Ning and Song Zu Er Changes Chinese Title with Rumors of Early March 2024 Release

Okay, I know I’m like Charlie Brown with Lucy’s football on this one but I really really want to watch this drama and this latest news is different enough to merit a post. C-drama The Prisoner of Beauty with Liu Yu Ning and Song Zu Er has changed the official Chinese title to 烽火红绡 (Beacon Fire Red Silk) from the original title of 折腰 (Bent Low at the Waist). I sense the production is serious and will do anything to release the drama and if a new title helps get it there by all means. This was a big budget drama and the source novel has a lot of fans not to mention Liu Yu Ning is currently hot after A Journey to Love so this is as good a time to sneak it in and recoup some money after female lead Song Zu Er’s scandal which hasn’t yet resulted in an ban.


C-drama The Prisoner of Beauty with Liu Yu Ning and Song Zu Er Changes Chinese Title with Rumors of Early March 2024 Release — 15 Comments

  1. I am aware not many member here know or like Song Zuer…but I have a soft spot for this petite actress…She is a good actress, not pretty as many but she can deliver…I can see the characters she portray.

    I really feed her tax scandal may not really be her fault as since young, she have been earning money for her family, her finance is taken care of by people she trust. And she is really just a actress since a young kid. It will be so unjust to ban her…

    I am glad her ban is not placed and she will learn from this lesson and experience. I really want to watch this drama….

  2. The change of title could be due to superstition. C-netz were talking about how the word 折腰 is too similar to 夭折 which means premature death. Now the new title contains the words for fire 火 and red 红 and there is phrase 红红火火 which means flourishing.

  3. The novel is boring, reprising many predictable tropes prevailing in C web novels of similar genres. I know nothing about the FL and am indifferent to her tax evasion “scandal.” LYN has yet to convince me of being a strong ML to root for even after his breakout drama AJtL. I’ll give this drama a shot and who knows if the adaptation may be more interesting than the novel.

    I hope to read more news about Kdrama. Too much news about C-ent and it’s getting boring and tiring.

    • Yh, seems Koala is more interested in the C-ent news nowadays even though I can’t seem to find any good Cdramas to watch. Been a while since I have genuinely enjoyed a Cdrama.

      • Yes, Koala seemed to be more informative about Kdrama years ago. I found the site has more active C drama fans than Kdrama fans while K drama is still dominating international market of Asian dramas. I got some interesting updates or recommendation from other Kdrama fans, but not much from Koala anymore. Without these commenters visiting Kdrama section, I might not have visited her blog so often. I’ve been watching some really good Kdramas that I missed during a hiatus from ent per these Kdrama fans’ recommendations.

        C drama is easier watch for me thanks to the Chinese language I’m familiar with. Nonetheless, C dramas have poor quality in general, not on par with K drama that is comparable with western production or even better in some cases. I do hope C drama will have some breakthrough so that I may fully enjoy watching experience without bothering subtitles. But the hope is slim with the prevailing and sick practice (e.g. billing strife) and the current C-ent culture.

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