Marry My Husband Ends with a Happy Ending and Rating High of 11.951% But a Bit of Wind Lost From Sails After the Crazier Plot Lines of Final Few Episodes

It’s finale week for tvN Mon-Tues drama Marry My Husband and hit series went into the final week weaker due to recent plot shenanigans but managed to end up a satisfying note. Two baddies got the transferred death fates and the third got jail time plus going crazy, so for a drama about a wronged woman getting revenge she certainly accomplished it all. Even better was that the antagonists just kept digging themselves into bigger and bigger holes by their own selfish and mentally deranged thinking. The two Mary Sue leads got their happy ending with a wedding and a pair of twin boys, it’s a little saccharine for me but in terms of endings at least not the open ended even more frustrating kind. Most of the cast is off to Vietnam next month for their reward trip and so what a great way to start of the new year in 2024.


Marry My Husband Ends with a Happy Ending and Rating High of 11.951% But a Bit of Wind Lost From Sails After the Crazier Plot Lines of Final Few Episodes — 18 Comments

  1. I honestly enjoyed the ride until the end (except for BoA’s awful acting), but the ending, whilst happy, was unexpectedly…. lame. the epilogue scenes depicting the good guys living happily ever after lacks oomph to me, and Yu-ra’s death was extremely anti-climactic. Only Sumin’s final showdown with Jiwon and her eventual (deeper) fall into delusion are memorable from the final eps.

  2. A happy ending makes a drama rewatchable. MMH will be my happy pills onward. Monday-Tuesday will never be the same but life goes on. I hope PMY and other casts will have another amazing project soon.

    • My last thoughts as I watched the last 2 eps:
      The death scene of Park Min-hwan is just epic….he is a great actor
      Jung Soo-min is a damaged child and likely crazy even before she made friends with Ji-won. She is obsessed with her…
      Lee Gi-kwang has such a sweet smile…
      Baek Eun-ho and Yoo Hee-yeon romance is the cutest. Yoo Hee-yeon is such a straight forward person.
      Grandpa is the best… he loves his grandchildren alot
      BoA is really not great… I had to laugh at afew of her scene…just too fake…
      I am finally seeing some punch in Park Min-young and her sparks
      That removing cable tie lesson must be so painful….ouch…
      Caught in adultery scene: No red shoes… no candy…
      No news of her investments from the day she was reborn…
      Park Min-young’s High heels are just so high…
      Her wedding dress not one of my favourite..
      Love how the story wrap up, all back to beginning
      Lastly, my Birthday is also Apr 12…

      I pray Park Min-young will recover and gain back the immense weight she lost thru her bad year. Then she can look as good as before… and I hope to see her in more good drama… She is adorable in Healer.

  3. Now that it ended, i can say that it wasn’t that good . But it’s my own opinion . I’m happy for all the actors , the second leads showed a strong acting and did the most difficult part , Park Min Young got a great comeback despite the last year ” scandal” which is a good thing . As for Na In Woo , his enlistement may affect his future . Yoo Seun Ho enlisted just after ” I miss you” and never get the hype as he had with his Harry’s role . Jae Hee, Kim Jae Won, Jo Hyun Jae,…

    • I really miss Yoo Seun Ho…I really hope he is better managed. He is a popular child actor. I strongly believe he still can make a come back as he acts with his soul… He needs lack and a good team…

      • I don’t think Yoo Seung Ho’s lacks can be blamed solely on not having a good team. I think his short-coming with acting was fully exposed after he became an adult and was in direct competition with his peers. I was one of the noonas was crazy about his acting pre-enlistment, and followed him avidly post-enlistment but over time I no longer got the hype and it wasn’t just because of the dramas he chose, it was because he really wasn’t delivering in the acting department. So now I just chalk him up to another actor with a pretty face and move on. Not all child actors can make a successful transition into adult acting for many reasons. Lee Hyun Woo and Song Ha Yoon are good examples as well. Otherwise Lee Hyun Woo would have been a leading actor by now and it wouldn’t have taken the public so long to realize that Song Ha Yoon has plenty of talent.

      • @Xoxo I agree with Song Ha Yoon. I was never impressed with her acting before because she’s always the working, gaslighted Cinderella type of side character friend. Who would’ve guessed that she would be great in a villain role. I wish she would take the challenge from now on. As for Yoo Seung Ho, I love him in I’m Not A Robot but the chemistry with Chae Soo Bin fell flat to me. It’s the only hit he has after his enlistment or I thought it’s a hit because it was so popular back then. I never watch his dramas after.

    • TBH, I don’t even consider NIW that great in this drama, compared with some others with popular works before enlistment. I’ve never had high expectation over this show from the get-go. Therefore, I don’t feel any disappointment or loss. This drama is solid in everything and therefore its good but not amazing ratings reflect that. It’s not a drama that I will re-watch when there’s nothing on my plate. What I’m impressed with is the 2nd leads’ acting. For me, it’s Lee Yi Kyung’s show in the first half of the drama and then Song Ha Yoon’s show in the 2nd half. They both outshone NIW and PMY with a way more nuanced delivery of their characters than the OTP. That’s it. I feel no loss moving on to other dramas.

    • LOL. I have to agree with your statement although I like PMY a lot. To be fair, I believe all three actresses – Song Ha Yoon, Park Min Young and BoA had work done on their faces to varying degrees. It’s most distracting with BoA, but PMY also has her moments when her face takes you out of the drama. I noticed with the last two episodes that Song Ha Yoon’s (as pretty as she is) face moves unnaturally (particularly her lower lip) and then realized that the camera is not a friend to most actors and actresses in that it magnifies everything that one would naturally ignore in real life. Still they are beautiful women and good actresses(except BoA) and I’m looking forward to more of their future work.

  4. Last two episodes were solid makjang and it’s kind of unfortunate that the plot devolved into what it was the last two episodes. I kind of lost interest in the last two episodes and fell asleep in the middle of it.

  5. Just done watching the last two episodes and wasn’t as spectacular as it was when it first started, but still a good ending for a drama I suppose, though predictable. In any case, this drama will still be a good addition to their CVs.

  6. So much big accomplishments for this drama being the first Asian drama to top Amazon, not even Moving did it (Although a far superior drama).

    Congrats to the whole team. It was entertaining.

  7. It’s still the best marriage revenge drama among all I’ve known so far. Nothing rewatchable but 2nd leads’ acting is pretty impressive. I hope both them will land leading roles in their next projects. Lee Yi Kyung already did years ago with Children of Nobody and he was equally amazing in that drama although it’s female-centric. I hope he can get good male-centric projects such as squid game the like since he has acting chops to deliver stories and carry a drama. Song Ha Yoon was amazing too, in particular, the 2nd half of the drama was almost like her show and she stole the spotlight from PMY. Best wishes for these two talented actors.

    One complete downer is BoA’s PS face that is a sigh…..She used to be so shining on stage about a decade ago but now just unwatchable. Acting aside, she just doesn’t appear aging gracefully.

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