Fantasy War C-drama Eternal Brotherhood with Yang Xu Wen, Liu Yu Ning, and Zhang Ming En Comes Off Dusty Shelf for Imminent Premiere on iQiyi and Tencent

So this is an oldie but hopefully a goodie as well. The fantasy realm war C-drama Eternal Brotherhood (紫川 Zi Chuan which means Purple River) is on deck to air next week at the end of February on both iQiyi and Tencent streaming. The drama stars three male leads Yang Xu Wen, Liu Yu Ning, and Zhang Ming En and was filmed three years ago in 2021 and has been shelved since then. The drama is based on a novel in a pseudo fantasy/real world setting with war between kingdoms so kinda like Novoland dramas. Since the drama was filmed Liu Yu Ning has been the breakout among the three leads so hopefully if this drama is good it will help everyone and if it’s a dud then just release and be done with it.


Fantasy War C-drama Eternal Brotherhood with Yang Xu Wen, Liu Yu Ning, and Zhang Ming En Comes Off Dusty Shelf for Imminent Premiere on iQiyi and Tencent — 11 Comments

  1. Oh LYN looks so good here! Is it just me or does he pretty much rock the ancient garbs? 🥰

    Anyhow, I didn’t know about this drama (probably because I wasn’t paying attention to him then) but I’ll check it out when it airs.

    • Not only you. I am always wasting time watching shorts of LYN smoldering in ancient costumes or riding horses. Can’t wait for TLOJ. He seems to be wearing amazing statement rings on his long elegant fingers. I used to be in the fashion business and LYN is a perfect model.
      I don’t know why the French or Italian fashion houses haven’t snapped him up. I don’t see him attending any fashion shows.

  2. Hopefully it’s decent.
    People will be surprised when they see the number of dramas LYN have filmed and did not air yet. His number is very small now.
    He is not the only actor in this situation.
    There are many actors with 5+ dramas waiting to air and for whatever reasons these dramas did not air yet.
    The circumstances in China are a just little bit complicated to say the least.
    Two of the main actors in this project weere involved in major scandals years ago and their careers suffered due to them.
    Ming En’s cheating on his actress ex-girlfriend with another actress while they were dating.
    Xu Wen being a person of interest for the police during a suicide/murder case.

  3. Contrary to dating/cheating scandals, tax evasion scandals or silly scandals like the recent Bai Jingting one, Yang Xuwen’s was a serious one. Of course, he has been cleared and I realize it is unfair to punish him eternally for something he didn’t do, but still it leaves a bad taste to me. It did affect me while I was watching Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty, I will try this one too and see if I can take it.

    • I was okay with him in Strange Tales since there wasn’t a huge focus on romance there. I had a much harder time with Love in Time because even if he wasn’t directly at fault for what happened to Ren Jiao, he seems to have a “flowery” love life. It’s hard to take him seriously as a devoted romantic lead.

  4. I’m more into bromance dramas nowadays. The Spirealm and White Cat Legend are both great. Hopefully this one would be good as well.

  5. Celebs like Zhang Zhe Han get cancelled for a stupid “scandal” but this murderer gets to continue being an actor and have his dramas aired.

    A nation with the right priorities eh

    • I’m not here to defend the guy and I do not want to defend him at all but you’re accusing him of a being a murderer without any proof beyond your extreme anger with ZZH’s situation which have nothing to do with YXW.
      BTW, his career is not doing well like you think it is. One drama per year if he is lucky gets to go on air and a bunch of dramas never released so far.

      • What evidence do you expect to be published when the authorities are helping him cover up? His poor late girlfriend, Ren Jiao, sure as heck did not commit suicide. There was definitely foul play going on but it all got covered up nicely. Whether his career is “successful” or not, he got off scot-free when he should either have gotten the death penalty or life sentence. But of course the world is biased towards those in power and money. That’s why Mr Murderer Yang Xu Wen still has fangirls and people like you claiming he’s innocent.

        Remember the name Ren Jiao, a poor murder victim who will never receive justice whilst her murderer gets to live his life being a celeb and adored by fans.

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