Modern Billiards and Romance C-drama Amidst a Snowstorm of Love with Wu Lei and Zhao Jin Mai Wrap Run and Gets Douban Opening Ratings of 6.8

With C-drama Amidst a Snowstorm of Love with Wu Lei and Zhao Jin Mai, I feel like a mom who should be having fun watching their kid compete in a game but instead I zoned out but will perk up to clap loudly should he/she win the match kind of situation. The modern sports themed romance C-drama just wrapped its three week long run and by all accounts is a solid offering. I say by all account because I watched two episodes on premiere day, liked but didn’t immediately love it, told myself to catch up over the weekend and then never got around to it. I will not forgive myself if I don’t watch the entire thing because this is my little boy Lei Lei’s last idol drama for god knows how long and it also does look up my alley with all the cuteness, no crazy antics of baddies, and lots of pretty visuals. The opening Douban ratings are also out with the conclusion of the drama and it’s an okay 6.8, nothing to write home about but also not embarrassingly low. Some complaints I did hear include the leads having no chemistry, Wu Lei being way too eye intense per usual, and Zhao Jin Mai giving off shy nervous rabbit vibes.


Modern Billiards and Romance C-drama Amidst a Snowstorm of Love with Wu Lei and Zhao Jin Mai Wrap Run and Gets Douban Opening Ratings of 6.8 — 66 Comments

  1. The drama is hard to love but easy to like. I enjoyed it but don’t plan on ever re-watching. Angel Zhao is natural in her acting which suited the theme of the drama very much, but Leo Wu was way too intense to be natural, even for an introvert. He was intense in LLTG but that was okay for the plot of a historical drama. Here, it was a tad too much. It kind of gave off stalker vibes in the beginning. And Angel Zhao’s character’s constant shying away from intimacy even after dating over a year is a tad unbelievable. The drama is a solid watch though, so I don’t regret the time I devoted to it. I particularly like the games, they made it easy for a billiard novice to enjoy the gaming aspect of this and I really like the supporting characters. I think the Douban score is in line for the drama. It was good, but it wasn’t a great drama.

  2. I’m currently still at episode 12, too busy recently so lesser time for dramas. I would say this drama is kind of slow-burn? Both leads are introverts so things developed slowly in the beginning, don’t know how it’s like in the latter half of the drama though. I do enjoy the set designs, i can see that the quality is there, just that the story progression and drama characters aren’t gripping enough. And yeah Wu Lei is a tad too intense in the wrong way when it comes to romantic scenes. Imo he’s more suitable for dramas with little or no focus on romance.

  3. I hope he falls in love for real during his time away from dramas and realizes he doesn’t have to intensely ogle his beloved every freaking second lol 🫡🤞

    • I love Wu Lei but this is so true! Lmao. It worked in Love Like the Galaxy when he played a wounded soul pining for the girl who (initially) wants nothing to do with him, but here in a romance modern drama, not so much. The intensity is too much for a relationship where the attraction is almost immediately mutual and where there aren’t any real obstacles between them.

    • LOL haha so much agreed. His intense gaze at his love interest was kinda creepy to me. I would call a cop if I were his target of attention in RL. LMAO.

      LLTG is a completely different genre from Amidst a Snowstorm. The former is a idol costume drama that oftentimes entails dramatic tropes with emotional intensity to tell interesting stories. The latter is a modern sport-focused drama that viewers should expect to see something more realistic than cringe-worthy. Although Wu Lei in LLTG is much appreciated, how he romanced the girl in this modern drama is a bit creepy. Perhaps some viewers enjoy watching his all touchy-feely scenes with his girl that may pump up adrenalin. Not me though. I think the lovey-dovey scenes are excessive and cringy. LOL.

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  5. Just curious if any of you actually read the novel? I think he did a good job portraying the character as he is intense in the novel. She was literally his saving grace and brought him back to the things he loved, which is snooker and his Billard club. The novel also will explained a lot more about his behaviors and why he is so interested in her from the start. When you watch this and nothing but you, you can see the contrast between his two roles (young, more outspoken vs introverted with a painful history) and he does a good job portraying the difference.

    • Agreed! It definitely helps to understand his apathy towards life and how the trajectory of his life completely turned around after meeting and loving her.

    • Thank you for that bit of info. I love his intense gazes, kind of like a modern Ling Buyi.

      I might have to check out the novel too.

    • IKR! It was allll about the stares!! The guy was a socially awkward rebel who was even afraid to come off rude if he said more words to her, and then she became the center of his world. THAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE CHARACTER,LOL!and people are actually comparing him to the actor’s real life persona😳

    • That means the drama did a poor job of telling the story. Viewers shouldn’t have to read the novel in order to understand the story in the drama.

      • 100 percent agree!

        In my opinion, it’s all about balance. You can be intense without being creepy. I think Wu Lei’s life experiences are not on par with his acting in this case. A more seasoned actor with enough life experience with romance would be able to convey the right balance of attraction and intensity without coming across as creepy. A good example is how Namgoong min romanced Ahn Eun Jin in My dearest. You could tell he was deadly serious about her, but he didn’t creep the audience out.

        And this has nothing to do with Wu Lei’s real life persona, as he seems to be a down to earth, relaxed and friendly guy.

      • Well I didn’t have to, I don’t understand chinese and the english translation of novels usually just frustrate me. But I did get that about his character and the story. I just felt that LYY didn’t know any other way to convey his feelings, he wasn’t a man of words and even he himself was surprised by the way he was feeling after years of feeling empty and living a sleepwalker. It was like he saw her and finally woke up, beautifully portrayed imo.

      • You didn’t have to read the novel in order to understand the story in the drama. If you actually watched the drama and the male lead character slowly open himself up and reveal his past history, you would have easily understood. I doubt any of you complaining actually watched the drama or tried to understand the characters though.

      • Xoxo,
        I’m sorry but I don’t get the comparison. May be it was the same kind of affection or process of falling in love, but with different personalities. The key difference being the fact that Namgoong min played a more mature character and personality than LYY here. It is not about just being dead serious about the woman. It’s about two different people being dead serious about their women which makes the expression of affection also different. Ofcourse, you are entitled to your point of view if you believe these two personalities should behave the same way in love.

      • @Celeste I did mention that I’m only at episode 12 in my other comment here. Even so, I think the drama could have revealed his past history less slowly. Most people don’t have the time or patience to wait, if the story doesn’t make sense or is not compelling enough to keep them interested to find out more about the backstory, they will drop the drama.

      • @Rooney

        I understand your point but you seem to misunderstand mine. At no time did I infer that the expressions of falling in love played by two different people should be the same. I merely used Namgoong Min as an example of a way an actor can convey passion and intensity without overwhelming the audience. If you would like me to point out other examples, how about Jin Boran in Road Home?. He too played an intensely in love youth who was introverted. But he did so in a way that convinced his audience without overwhelming them. To me, what is missing in Wu Lei’s expression of the character in this drama is a bit of nuance, and the ability to dial back a touch when needed. There’s no need to be so intense in every scene, moderation is key in making it realistic. It’s like he transplanted the romantic mannerisms of Ling Buyi to modern day Finland and China, and while that intensity would work very well in a historical setting, it doesn’t suit modern day sensibilities. This is my opinion. Everyone can agree or disagree as they will. Different perspectives is what makes drama discussions so interesting.

  6. Leaving my lurker status behind to say that I absolutely adored this drama, I could have started watching all over again the second I finished it (and in fact did rewatch several episodes). Their chemistry was so fantastic in my opinion! I really loved every single thing about it from start to finish. If he ever gazed at me in that intense way I would spontaneously combust on the spot. 😂🔥

  7. Cdramas have really a weird pacing because of their weird editing. I had no idea that 2.5 years happened…

    I liked both actors and I think they had a great chemistry. But it’s true that the ML was really intense and the FL was on the shy side. I was wondering if she had a special clause about kiss in her contract because her character stopped so many of them… Their romantic scenes like the hugs were enough so the no-kiss scenes made their love story awkward.

    The Finland and France scenes were really beautiful.

    I really liked the 2 other male characters (very handsome too). The bromance was really nice. I liked their scene together.

    I liked the OST.

  8. I was highly anticipating this drama given the main leads that I know both are decent actors and the beautiful trailers filmed in Europe. But bang! I started to fast forward @ 3X speed until the end after loyally following each single screen for quite a few episodes. The love lines between Wu Lei and Zhao Jin mai are cheesy but boring, nothing to elaborate other than Wu Lei’s touchy-feely behavior towards the girl full of sexual desire even at the initial stage of their dating life. It’s cringy much. LOL. Other than the pool games which were shot brilliantly and fun to watch, the plot is pretty empty. That being said, I respect Wu Lei for playing a genius snooker and billiard ball player so professionally. He exuded that professional aura at the pool tables, confident and smart. He did also hit some shots successfully. LOL. I think that’s a basic ethic for someone to be considered a good actor – convince viewers of you being a professional in real life as the script describes. He did that.

  9. i liked it for what it was which was a very low-stakes romance kind of hang-out drama. it was a nice show to wind down with, not what i would consider priority but still one i enjoyed getting around to. the no chemistry angle i disagree with because i think it was the saving grace of the show especially once they get together. although this might be an unpopular opinion, i found her performance much easier to swallow than his. she fit the genre perfectly and felt incredibly natural on-screen whereas i felt he was overcompensating more than needed (hence the intense staring criticisms lol) in the beginning. i do think they ended up being able to meet each other in the middle once they start being a couple.

    ‘d like to see then in something together that has a bit more in its bones than this one because i thought they had good synergy on-screen (and seemed to get along well enough off-screen). and i’m looking forward to seeing zjm in her new drama with zlh.

  10. I loved this drama… at first, I was actually on fences with this one because I had read the novel before and really adored it but I thought it wasn’t really drama material due to the introvert nature of the two characters and how soft and delicate the whole thing was, besides I had been disappointed by modern cdramas before and believed they just couldn’t do justice to some modern stories…I was afraid the drama version would ruin it for me, but I was very pleasantly surprised by it. The drama perfectly captured the feel and aura of the novel, and the leads were excellent and natural in their portrayal of their characters.( about the male leads portrayal of the character, it is in fact very accurate according to the descriptions of the novel, his intense stares and the way he inspects every single movement his ladylove makes are the highlights of his character)

    • Faye, I wrote a reply to your post, but it ended up appearing way below. I’ll repeat the question I asked here, but won’t copy the rest of the comment.
      The question was: As a reader of the novel, what do you think of the FL’s body language during their close contact scenes (in the drama), particularly after the time jump?
      (For me personally, it soured the romance a bit, which I explained in further detail in my original comment below.)

      • In the novel, I think you can best describe yin guo as quite a shy nerd with a passive aggressive attitude towards intimacy, in that she wants and sometimes even initiates intimacy in her own ‘I don’t know what I’m doing to you…’ kind of a way. She’s just never gonna be that person who says I need to have u now, lol ( probably even after marriage), that being said, the novel describes their sessions in a pretty detailed manner, in the drama however the most sexually active parts of her personality kinda get lost in translation. Which is why we are left with only her shying away parts ( also she’s usually very cautious about intimacy because of her family environment and young age).
        Sth else I want to point out is the fact that almost immediately after their first time, they went long distance and saw each other only a few times in between ..the times apart and the insecurity that comes with it didn’t really help her shyness and anxiety around him. So I could understand why the actress chose to act the way she did with the material she had.

  11. Him being too eye intense and her being the nervous shy rabbit ? So they basically have complaints about them being the novel characters as they were supposed to be! The chemistry… well probably subjective but maaan they were on fire🔥😁
    Also, those who have read the source material probably know how sexually charged and intense it is…this was actually a muuuch toned down version of that, So the leads had rightfully tried to convey the same feels and vibes without actually ummm…showing things lol

  12. Actually, this one is MBFB’s typical drama. But, for the first time after GGS and Beautiful bones, i finished her novel adaptation. I havent read the novel translation yet (sad that Hoju didnt translate MBFB’s novel anymore), but i could tell that WL and ZJM did a great job portraying their characters.

    I love this drama. And YiYang is al the whole amazon for sure. Super green flag. Lmao

    6.8 is too low.. but then… understandable.

  13. I’d have enjoyed this drama more if I hadn’t watched and immensely enjoyed Love Me Love My Voice with Tian JianCi playing the same role without the billiards. Written by the same author, both dramas had the same vibes, with focused ML and tongue-tied but brilliant at something FL. So, I didn’t quite like it the way I chased the plotless LMLMV, which was sooooo sweet I had a toothache for a week.

  14. There was a heavy smear campaign against this drama from the very beginning, most of it targeted toward Wulei. Trolls took out of context gifs and hyper-focused on the leads’ every expression and movement to create a narrative of their interactions being “creepy” going so far as to accuse the actor of sexual harassment. Their goal is to leave viewers with negative associations when coming across these intimate scenes and ultimately to prevent people from watching and enjoying the drama.

    Personally, I’m not a fan of this writer as I find some of her lines and scenarios cringeworthy, but the actors and to some extent the director did a great job in translating the novel to the screen. Also, many people saw the drama without being brainwashed first and it has it’s own adoring audience both domestically and internationally, as comments under this post show.

    AASOL will be available on Netflix in many countries soon. For internationally viewers, they can check it out and judge for themselves.

  15. Same here, watched ocassionally still midway but no intensity to binge. Wu lei is very good looking and has a great first male lead package but … I think he needs to perhaps fall in love actually in real life to understand even in reel life – no one stares at anyone like that. That intensity – I’m not even sure it’s romance. Lol

    • He’s spot on with his role as the intense Lin Yiyang. Pls stop it with the weird comments that he needs to find love in RL first. If you didn’t like the character, then you didn’t like the character. But actually watch his dramas and see how he portrays romance in each before making such a ridiculous comment.

    • @Stardust

      I like Wu Lei, but the way he stared at her from the beginning of this drama is creepy.


      Twice in this article you accused people of not watching the drama and make these comments. If we don’t watch it how do we know the details? That is so silly. You are entitled to your opinion and so do we.

      • @XYZ agreed about your point regarding drama fans using derogatory tones and language to accuse others with different opinions. This is just entertainment, not something more serious (and morally related) like politics and ideology. I always consider those who position themselves one-man-up on a haughty horse to police fan circles regarding what to say or to think about a drama and an actor are bananas themselves. Accusing ppl who don’t like what they like or who don’t agree with what they say? They are delirious and seriously should examine their own mental states. There are quite a few avid C drama fans on this site who fall in this provocative category. I see less in the K section, perhaps bcos there are just not many K drama fans visiting this site anymore LOL. It seems these C drama fans have very low tolerance of free expressions, e.g., labeling fans who critique reasonably as antis or even worse name calling. SMH. Deranged!

  16. So much in love in the story plot, but yet their chemistry need a grip! Leo Wu need to learn how to kiss well in the romance story. Yes, I guess he need to fall in love in the real life and that probably will help him to act and romancing effortless 😀

    • Actually he does not need to do the hot kising, since just seeing the way he look at his lover so intensely already make me screaming and my heart beating so fast hahaha…
      his eyes expression can descript his feeling with saying anything… why he happy, angry, sad, falling love… no need to said anything, we can just see through his eye…

  17. Where are all these weird comments about Wulei needing to find love in real life coming from? It’s like they are all being brainwashed by the same media team or the same anti-fandom perhaps? He’s done romance in other dramas and movies and is able to convey a wide range of emotions and personalities. He has great natural chemistry with female leads in both Nothing But You and the movie Upcoming Summer. Even in AASOl, the way Lin Yi Yang interacts with Yin Guo is nuanced as they go from awkward strangers to lovers.

      • Yes, great “natural” chemistry. I think chemistry requires both actors and a good storyline and people sometimes confuse a lack of strong gripping romance with a lack of chemistry. NBY might not have the strongest storyline but the leads had great chemistry together. Of course you are welcome to your own opinion LOL.

      • Nothing but you having a great “natural ” chemstry for me, it is kind of slice of life drama, not romance comedy. it is different genre compare to Amidst a Snowstorm of Love

    • Agreed, anon. I laugh at those complaining about his acting here and calling him weird and creepy but then gobbling up LLTG where he played a similar type of character. They loved his gazes in LLTG and applauded it nonstop because it created so much chemistry, but whine so much about it here. Wu Lei is great at playing the guy romantically in love, and whether he comes off more naturally or not completely depends on the type of character that he’s playing. As you said, he was so much more natural in Nothing But You and Upcoming Summer because his characters in those dramas weren’t necessarily introverted, quiet dudes with troubled pasts and cold images attached. Wu Lei is such a versatile actor, and he was fantastic here as the troubled, traumatized ex-billiard player Lin Yiyang.

    • IKR! I mean what does that have to do with anything?! How do we even know he hasn’t lol😅 and why is it even being discussed! An actor doesn’t have to go through the same experience in real life…and regardless of whether he has or has not, THIS IS HOW LYY FALLS IN LOVE , NOT HOW LEO WU DOES! and that’s how it shoud be

    • As I stated in another post somewhere, Wu Lei in “LLTG” was allowed, narratively, to pine longingly after a girl because of literal WAR and the trauma from his family’s tragic passing, but, also, he was built as the most ideal man for Shaoshang inside of the scope of the story, AFTER it didn’t work out between Shaoshang and her first choice. I actually rooted for Shaoshang and her first choice because he made sense for what she desired in a marriage and he was sweet, but when his character’s story had to respond to obligation and he made a choice to not choose her, I like that they both honored each other’s decisions. Because of that, it made room for Ling Buyi to pursue her with some more intentionality and intensity, which she eventually reciprocated. In a modern day story, like “Snowstorm”, however, Wu Lei’s intensity doesn’t fit, except to be perceived as puppy love. Lol. They don’t have any obstacles between them to help us make sense of his intensity. Just flirt and quickly date, which is where those intense looks of longing usually disappear. Lol. Because we’re supposed to be able to connect to modern day characters, based purely on being modern day people ourselves, we should ask ourselves: Is his intensity a bit much for mutual attraction? Lol. Honestly, the story is more of a writing issue since it’s so conflict-less, but also, Wu Lei needs to diversify his interpretation of love, depending on context. He’s a good actor—I think we all agree, even those of us who are poking fun—he just needs to practice other ways of showing love or affection on screen. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  18. This is a very chill (pun intended), slow-burn drama with a romance between two individuals who are both mature and competent. No red flags or much drama so just two green flags falling in love with one another.

    It was very good, but like you said, I never felt any urgent need to rush and watch each episode. In fact, because it’s slow, I would say this drama would be very hard to binge.

    • It was reported a while ago that he intends to focus on his film career so won’t be taking any drama scripts at least for a while.

      • Wu Lei never said Wu Lei won’t taking any drama script, that is only gossip from the media, he just back from Shaanxi after filming a drama last week.

  19. Please be aware with chinese news in media, sometimes the media only share the news from vlogger, they do not even double check it is correct or not, Wu Lei never said any statement that he will more focus on movie, and won’t take any role on drama for while, he just wait and see, if there any good script he will take it, whether it is drama or movie

  20. It’s hilarious that some of you applaud Wu Lei as LBY in LLTG then call him a creepy stalker in AASOL. I honestly think some of you are simply showing bias. If you actually look at the plot and how the relationships developed in each story, LBY should have been way more creepy. Yet, those of you criticizing his acting here were prob all over it in LLTG and claiming how much chemistry he was creating with Zhao Lusi. How was LLTG any better though? I mean, Shao Shang had ZERO interest in him for so much of their drama and he chased her around. In AASOL, it was the female lead character who reached out to him first after their initial meeting. She and her cousin literally did the stalking first, and at least the female lead character was actually super attracted to him too from the very start. One can tell by the way she stared openly at him right after he dropped her and her cousin off at the hotel. Ya’ll are nuts.

    I very much enjoyed AASOL for what it is. It had a healthy, supportive, and beautiful love story between the leads(unlike LLTG!). It’s slower-paced, as it should be, since it’s a slice of life type drama without all the crazy drama that never actually happens in RL. Chaotic dramas can be entertaining, but slice of life dramas are, frankly, way more realistic and relatable. There are those of us who really enjoyed Wu Lei’s acting in AASOL, so any of you saying that he should never act again in romance dramas, I suggest you just not watch his dramas. His acting was perfect for the introverted, quiet but intense Lin Yiyang who wasn’t good with words due to trauma from his past. Makes complete sense why he is that way when you actually attempt to understand his character.

    • Jeez, is not a big deal, why calling us all nuts , we all have different point of view that why our thought will be different. This is entertainment, we will all not come to the same conclusion at the end of the day,clearly u thought his protrayed his character the best in AASOL, that great but the thing is, not everyone will think the same, clearly the character didn’t just resonate with some of them like the way it did for u. And this whole situation goes to every characters we discussed on this blog, so no we r not nuts.We just sharing out thought and opinions here and these will always make the comments section be like this, it all fun.

    • omg a lot of people here giving opinion and look at u cant accept how some of them prefer him in lltg. chill yo of course people will compare them because love like the galaxy is the most popular drama of him in recent years and a lot of people love his character there

    • Oh I don’t know why I found it kind of funny that you said some people that loved his stares / gazes in LLTG are now bashing him for the same thing in this drama. If that is really the cases, I don’t understand why.

      I love his gazes in both but you are right that at least in this drama, the FL was also attracted to him early on.

      I need to wait until all episodes are available on YT but I binged the first 5 or 6 episodes and am really enjoying the drama.

      • But that is just it duo, why r we comparing oranges with apples to begin with. We r taking about different settings, different situations, different environments and different era. All this plays a role when we speak on our thought concerning this issue.

      • @mercy, maybe I don’t get why it’s OK in LLTG but not here. As for different era, I would think being in modern times, there’s more freedom of love, which doesn’t make his intense gazes weird.

        Please point out your thoughts so I can maybe see it from your point of view if you can?

        For me, I see it as he really likes her and is just very attracted to her (both here and in LLTG). He’s not talkative so he looks at her a lot here. The added bonus here again, is that the FL seems to also be attracted to him though she is shy and timid.

        I like him in both (even though I haven’t finish both dramas) but I don’t find his gazes weird. I’m probably weird myself. 😂

    • The reason why people compare it is because he displayed the same intense gaze in LLTG as he did here in AASSOL. He does not do that in other dramas. So of course that’s what they compare it to. They think it’s weird and don’t fit with the theme or his overall chemistry with his costar. For one Shao Shang is not timid at all in LLTG even if yes she did not share his admiration in the beginning, but she was more than a match for him later on. Meanwhile in Amidst, Yin Guo even after so much time has passed and many intimate scenes together she is still acting like a shy rabbit most of the time. Does that explain it to you more perhaps why most people are saying that? Don’t make it seem more than what it is.

  21. As a reader of the novel, what do you think of the FL’s body language during their close contact scenes, particularly after the time jump?
    I loved this drama at first, and thought that the FL’s shyness and awkwardness with physical intimacy were intentional, and that she would grow out of it once their relationship grew further. After all, unlike the veeery slow-burn “Love Me, Love My Voice”, “Amidst a Snowstorm” set a different template for the romance–of intense (mutual) attraction at first sight and rapid development.
    But then, after more than 2 years in a relationship, and even after sleeping together, the FL still seemed low-key uncomfortable during the intimate moments with the ML. She just didn’t have the expected adult, natural ease with him when touching/kissing that even the leads in “Love Me, Love My Voice” gradually had with each other. Maybe because the actress is still too young? I don’t know, but it made the romance a bit less than it should and could have been, at least for me.

    • I agree with u on this,she was supposed to be comfortable has the character developed but honestly most at time i feel she never really did. I couldn’t fully get into the their romance because of this. I personally feel in reality she was slightly uncomfortable in their intimate scenes from her body language from their bts, I will personally say that,even though she is experienced in acting her inexperienced in this type of heavy romance aspect in the entertainment showed.

    • Yes, exactly what you wrote. I found myself chasing Love Me Love My Voice, which had the same kind of story by the same author and for some reason, dropped Amidst because the FL never seemed to be comfortable, even after two years and sex. At first, I thought it was because I just got bored since it was the same “plot” as LMLMV but now that I think about it, Zhou Ye as the FL slowly started being a bit bolder and comfortable around her boyfriend. And Tan JianCi’s ML was intense and patient in his chase. Perhaps because he played an older (29) character. Not sure. I’m a fan of both Lei Lei and JianCi, so I watched both dramas for the MLs.

      • I think the difference is that the FL in ASSOL is 21 yo and became 23 yo with the time jump. She is younger and has never been in a relationship. Plus even though they have been in a relationship for 2 yrs they only got to see each other twice beside the initial dating stage. I would also contribute it to her family being more prestigious and has a reputation to maintained. If you watch to the later episodes it is implied that they did do stuff. I think China censorship is part of the reasons the show is lacking a little. In the novel they did the deed after 2-3 months and was hot and heavy even at the beginning so the characters are more connected and layered, not as one dimensional.

  22. Can someone please elaborate on this being Leo’s last idol drama? What does that mean? Is he not doing dramas anymore and focusing on movies? That would be such a shame as LLTG is one of my all time faves. I haven’t watched AASOL yet but looking forward to binging it, intense stares and all 😅

    • I don’t know about the idol thing but I could have kept watching but didn’t want to hit the last available episode on YT and have to wait. Now I’m waiting for all episodes to be available so I could keep going. Looking forward to binging it too, and like you, intense stares and all. 😂

      Haven’t watched a youth drama for a long time (last being lighter and princess) so this is turning out more enjoyable than I thought.

    • Well, generally, there is an understood hierarchy in entertainment projects, with movies at the top (and correspondingly, movie actors the best regarded and best paid), then “serious” dramas (like Hu Ge’s recent Shanghai Blossoms you might have heard of), then “idol” dramas on the rung below that. Idol dramas might sometimes lure prestigious actors back to a S+ level project (Chen Kun in Rise of the Phoenixes, Chang Chen in Love and Destiny — funnily enough, both projects with Ni Ni as the FL), but generally they are seen as the kind of projects where the actors’ popularity (traffic) is the main requirement, and actual acting ability is incidental (which is how Yang Chaoyue keeps getting main lead roles).
      Anyway, there were rumors that Wu Lei is intending to transition away from idol dramas, to build his career up with more complex fare (mainly movies). However, he didn’t actually state this outright himself, and with him being so young, I don’t imagine he would want to step away from idol dramas completely at this point. Maybe just be (much) pickier with projects. I do think it’s true he isn’t currently signed up to film any new dramas in the near future.

  23. Based on the story itselft, Lin Yiyang is really love Yinguo, but he never get in touch with woman, he doesn’t know how to approach woman, as he used to interacting with men on daily basis and his words are often hurful,that’s why when he faced yinguo, he won’t to appear bad, he tried to show the best of him. That’s why the Male lead act kind of awakard with intense gaze

    This is a light romance comedy genre, so they try to show the dramatical romance scene, with the intense gaze Lin Yiyang and shy rabbit Yinguo.

    If you want to see the natural chemistry, you have to watch the slice of life romance genre like Nothing But You

  24. @XOXO :
    you can’t compare between Namgong min acting and Wu Lei acting with their eye gaze, since in the real person, they have different type of eyes gaze.

    Wu Lei is the real person is have a sharp and intense eyes,
    but Nam Goongmin’s eyes are looks sad and bit dim.
    So they way that they look at the people is different.

    If you pay attention Wu Lei is the real life, the way he look at person is naturally intenst and bold,

    it is the reason why i love him so much, he has a beautiful and intense eyes gaze

  25. I am so surprised by the many negative review on this cdrama. This is by far the only cdrama that I did not fast forward. Not a single moment was boring for me. Usually things get a little boring after ML and FL fall in love as stories get more mundane and predictable after. Not for this drama. Every episode gave me goosebumps and makes me want to fall in love again. I am 50 and never wanted to be young as much as now…lol. I think both leads did a wonderful job with their insane acting. Their chemistry is out of the world. There weren’t any intense French kissing or intimate scenes like some, and yet those cute moments make me blushed.

    As for Leo, I didn’t know of his existence until watching this drama as I am not a cdrama fan. I find myself a die hard fan now, looking for all his previous work. I think he has a bright future. He’s so good at what he does and so diverse in the roles he takes on even at this young age.

    I will definitely look out for his future work to come.

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