Netizen Murmurs Lead to Speculation that Cancelled C-actor Zhang Zhe Han is Prepping the Release of an Album in Taiwan for a Career Reboot

The cancellations in C-ent have been always been fast and furious and such is the price of promoting in an industry that demands adherence to certain norms. C-actor Zhang Zhe Han‘s complete career destruction has been one of those that is either justified or totally blown out of proportion. It’s clear he has no chance of coming back in the Mainland and this week there are rumors that he’s recorded a 7 song album that his agency is prepping to release in Taiwan. His career making his Word of Honor was really popular there and he’s one of those stars that I can totally see appealing to the Taiwanese fanbase of if he goes down that route then hopefully it will be worth it.

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C-actor Zhang Zhe Han Emerges From Cancellation with First Instagram Update Sharing New Pictures and Message to Fans

The tendency to discuss things in extremes continues to obscure actual substantive subject matter. In the last decade there emerged this idea of “cancellation” when someone did something wholly objectionable or personally distasteful. There are two separate things, the former … Continue reading

Chinese Association of Performing Arts Issues 9th Decree List of Banned Stars for Bad Conduct and Extends Ban to All Online Presence and Activity

The 2021 year is winding down and I expect this may be the last or last few of the decrees coming out of the Chinese government in the attempt to re-organize it’s entertainment industry after a slew of scandals big … Continue reading

C-ent Abuzz with Purported Leaked List of 25 Stars the Government Put on an All Kill Permanent Ban List

I thought things were dying down in C-ent after the summer of scandals and crackdowns, but this early fall may bring with it clarity for who and for what reasons certain stars are no longer going to be allowed to … Continue reading

C-ent Reporter Spills the Tea on the Zhang Zhe Han Cancelled for Visiting Yasukuni Shrine Debacle and Explains How Additional Events Built Up to It

How does a super popular actor lose 27 brand endorsements in one day. Even in China that’s still lightning speed. The way C-actor Zhang Zhe Han was cancelled was so astronomically fast and widespread many people have wondered if there … Continue reading

Ode to Period C-drama Word of Honor, with Zhang Zhe Han’s Nuanced Performance and Gong Jun’s Charming Portrayal Created a Fresh Take on the Wuxia World

I’ve had this post nearly written for months now and was just lackadaisical on finishing it for posting. So it’s with a heavy heart and a strange sense of serendipity over what has happened in one week to male lead … Continue reading

All of Wu Yi Fan’s Movies, Variety Shows, MVs, and Videos Removed From All Chinese Streaming Sites After His Arrest, Fans of Zhang Zhe Han’s Dramas Scrambling to Download Before His Are Deleted

It’s funny that international viewers can enjoy Chinese entertainment and the forget that it’s still a one party communist country where any perceived freedom of expression is a leeway and not a right. The social contract that binds each person … Continue reading

Elle China Hits Back-to-Back Snafus as September 2021 Edition May Get Delayed or Pulled with Zhao Wei on Cover Due to Zhang Zhe Han Scandal, Following the August Edition with Wu Yi Fan on Cover

C-netizens are telling Elle China to go jump a big god, i.e. slang for getting rid of bad mojos. The Zhang Zhe Han visiting Yasukuni Shrine scandal has expanded and one of the folks scrutinized around him is top C-actress … Continue reading

Youku Deletes Zhang Zhe Han’s Name From Word of Honor, SNS Platforms Disable Comments on His Accounts, and Chinese Association of Performing Arts Issues Official Ban

Whether one thinks what is happening to C-actor Zhang Zhe Han is the degree of consequences for his past actions or wildly overblown and overwrought, it’s still worth noting exactly what is happening still. This weekend, the Chinese Association of … Continue reading

Zhang Zhe Han’s C-fans Desert Him En Masse and Industry Insiders Share Stories of His Previous Bad Attitude as Additional Pictures Unearthed of Him Doing the Nazi Salute and Other Questionable Conduct

The last 48-hour Chinese speaking media entertainment news has been dominated by C-actor Zhang Zhe Han‘s past conduct of visiting Japanese WWII military war criminal enshrined Yasukuni Shrine and attending a wedding at Nagi Shrine which also venerates military figures … Continue reading