Fantasy C-drama A Lifetime Love Promises Romantic and Heartbreak in New Stills and Preview

The┬álong lag time between the publishing of fantasy C-novel Once Promised by writer Tong Hua in 2011 to when the drama adaptation A Lifetime Love is hitting the small screens has lowered excitement but also expectations. I’m not peeved that the final cast of Huang Xiaoming and Victoria Song may not have been my choice, I care more that they have good chemistry and have a modicum of on point portrayal of their very distinctive and well-fleshed out characters in the novel.

There are more drama posters, stills, and a very angsty preview to add to the promos for the drama, and from a reader who devoured Once Promised it was like a breath of nostalgic air to see so many memorable scenes come to life before me. I think visually Huang Xiaoming and Victoria hit it out of the park embodying their characters, as does young cuties Wu Qian and Luo Yun Xi with their own romance side story, but the rest of the supporting cast comes off underwhelming a tad. The drama premieres on June 12th so imma give it a shot next week. Continue reading

First Poster for C-drama Adaptation of Once Promised with Huang Xiaoming and Victoria Song

First impressions mean a lot and I loved the concept poster for the long awaited C-drama adaptation of fantasy period romance novel Once Promised (Ceng Shu Nuo) by writer Tong Hua┬ámost famous for having penned Bu Bu Jing Xin. The … Continue reading