Zhao Li Ying to Headline High Profile C-drama Adaptation of Xianxia Novel Accompanying the Phoenix with Reunited Male Lead Lin Geng Xin

The new crop of C-drama actresses that have up come up big in the last few years have done so because the last gen hasn’t been doing as many C-dramas, it’s one gen takes the myriad opportunities that arise. But the last gen is still doing dramas from time and time and it gets a lot of press, case in point Zhao Li Ying and news that she’s coming back to period C-dramas with the xianxia adaptation of the novel Accompanying the Phoenix (Yu Feng Xing) by writer Jiu Lu Fei Xiang. It’s her first period drama since the underwhelming Legend of Fei in 2020 with Wang Yi Bo, and her last big period hit was the 2018 period drama The Story of Ming Lan. This time she isn’t just headlining a novel focused on a strong female lead, she will be reuniting with male lead Lin Geng Xin from their hit 2017 C-drama Princess Agents. The drama production released these set of concept stills in connection with her casting confirmation and it’s all so pretty!

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