The Legend of Shen Li with Zhao Li Ying and Lin Geng Xin Wraps Run as Buzziest Hit C-drama of 2024 So Far

It’s fitting that one quarter of 2024 is over already so it’s easy to assess and the biggest idol drama hit of Q1 is xianxia C-drama The Legend of Shen Li. The drama wraps its run for VIP subscribers this weekend and the ending has been lauded by fans as wonderfully done, logical within the worldbuilding, satisfying, and even a big whole easter egg bonus gift after. This must make fans of leads Zhao Li Ying and Lin Geng Xin from their Princess Agent days extra happy to have their second go-around get a happy ending finally. I watched the entire drama which is rare since I liked but didn’t love it, this one reminds me of my feeling towards The Blue Whisper, the same like but not love but still finished the series. The leads were well cast for their roles but I didn’t particularly love the strong woman/beta male set up here because she was way to strong willed and he played way too passive most of the time, though both were hella powerful since she was an immortal and he’s the last ancient god. I also didn’t think they had good chemistry, don’t stone me fans haha. They had chemistry, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t very good for me, conversely the story and acting in The Blue Whisper was way worse but the chemistry of the two leads were on fire. I liked Shen Li for the nicely plotted and paced story and finding two younger male leads in He Yu and Xin Yun Lai who are definitely up-and-comers. The final consensus on C-ent is that Shen Li is a bona bide hit drama but not a mega hit.

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