Lin Geng Xin Confirmed for Replacement Male Lead in C-drama The Golden Hairpin with Yang Zi and Chen Zhe Yuan Both Needing to Return for at Least 2 Weeks of Reshoots

So this is going to be an interesting drama to watch when it comes out because eagle-eyed fans are going to wonder what was re-filmed and whether the three year gap made some of the OG cast look different when back for the reshoots. The Golden Hairpin has been on ice since male lead Wu Yi Fan (Kris Wu) was arrested for a myriad of actual crimes and is currently in jail for what is likely a very long time. This was a S-level production with so much money spent on a finished product that the production has finally bit the bullet and next month in September will be starting reshoots. The replacement male lead is for sure Lin Geng Xin and he’s already done costume fitting. Female lead Yang Zi and second male lead Chen Zhe Yuan are both going to return to set for at least two weeks to reshoot some of their scenes with Lin Geng Xin and others, while Lin Geng Xin will have a much longer period of shooting to fully replace Wu Yi Fan’s scenes. Sets are being rebuilt as we speak so this is not a CGI reshoot only. The goal is for a summer 2024 airing.

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C-ent Upcoming Dramas Drop Romantic New Posters Celebrating 2023 Chinese Valentine’s Day on Lunar 7/7 Date

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C-drama The Legend of Shen Li with Lin Geng Xin and Zhao Li Ying Ratchets Up Excitement with Two New Captivating Posters

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Zhao Li Ying to Headline High Profile C-drama Adaptation of Xianxia Novel Accompanying the Phoenix with Reunited Male Lead Lin Geng Xin

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Fashion Goes Playful as Does the Prize at the 2017 C-star Awards

I love self-deprecation especially in the entertainment industry since it can get too pompous and self-congratulatory. The 2017 C-star Awards were a blast to watch because it was just stars being sincerely thankful to be popular and having fun being … Continue reading

Striking Sideways Posters for Upcoming Period C-drama Princess Agents with Zhao Li Ying and Lin Geng Xin

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