Blast From the Past as Ariel Lin and Kai Ko Promote Boxing Romance Movie Achoo Finally Getting Released After 6 Years

Time and world circumstances really change so much. My first thoughts are: dayum Kai Ko grew up and got like a million times better looking and Ariel Lin looks exactly the same 6 years later like she’s frozen in time. The boxing friendship and romance movie Achoo (the sound of sneezing) which was scheduled for release in 2014 is finally hitting the movie screens this month in Taiwan. I don’t expect it to make much money but it does feel like closure. This movie was filmed during Kai’s high point of his career when he broke out at just 20 years old with the smash hit You Are the Apple of My Eye. That movie was written and directed by Giddens Ko as an autobiography of sorts and Achoo is also adapted from a Giddens novel and was expected to be another hit. Until Kai was arrested in Beijing in August 2014 with Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee for smoking pot. Kai’s career was shelved after that but in the 6 years since I think most people will consider pot smoking not a career-cancellable offense. So Kai is back and so is Achoo and all I can say that he and Ariel are so adorable together promoting *squishes*.

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