Kai Ko Remains Out of the Limelight as His Completed Movies Mull Next Steps

It takes a long time to build up fame but one bad decision can tear it all down. Googling Kai Ko‘s name in English now gets an entire first results page about his pot smoking drug arrest in China and nothing about his meteoric rise acting career in the last three years. Luckily Kai’s legal woes are over for now, he served two weeks administrative detention in China and that ended the penalty for testing positive for marijuana while back in Taiwan he also submitted to interrogation and gave hair and urine samples to the Taiwanese authorities but likely won’t incur any further legal woes.

He’s been gone from the limelight since giving the apology press conferences in China and Taiwan and his agency has remained mum about his future plans. Word has Kai transferring colleges for a fresh start and is still considering enlisting for his mandatory military service. I say Kai is doing everything right in leaving the public view for now and hopefully the financial fallout to projects he’s in won’t be too burdensome on the colleagues he worked with. Check out Kai’s upcoming completed projects below which remain iffy on premiere date or his continued involvement.

Even if Kai never acts again, what investors care more about are the state of his finished movies – the superhero romance movie A-choo (My Boyfriend is a Superhero) directed by Giddens and costarring Ariel Lin has been pushed back from October 2014 to sometime in mid-2015 while the fourth and final movie in the Tiny Times series is still mulling whether or not to cut Kai’s role from the completed footage but director Guo Jing Ming doesn’t want to do it unless the Chinese broadcast authorities won’t let him air the movie if Kai remains in it.

Movie trailer for A-choo 打噴嚏 starring Kai Ko and Ariel Lin:

Early teaser trailer for Tiny Times 4:


Kai Ko Remains Out of the Limelight as His Completed Movies Mull Next Steps — 4 Comments

  1. He should just enlist for his military service to get out of the limelight and resume his studies after that. It’s something he has to do anyway.

  2. tiny times 4 will be weird to watch if they actually really do cut out all of his scenes. (and even weirder to get someone who looks like him to act it -.-)

    i was actually looking forward to a-choo but ah well, i just hope we won’t have to wait too long

  3. My mine keeps screening ” it’s just marijuana!!” everytime I read about their incident. And don’t get wrong, I know it’s because I live in the states.

  4. I just want to say that I hate Tiny Times: Poorly directed, poorly acted, and poorly everything. A complete waste of time.

    I actually want to watch A-choo since it’s starring Ariel Lin. Was hoping for the release of it in October. Guess I will have to wait again.

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