Jung Woo Sung Takes Over for Bae Sung Woo in the Final 4 Episodes of Delayed Justice

This is an unfortunate situation all around but the replacement feels like a boon for the production and viewers. SBS Fri-Sat drama Delayed Justice has been fraught with so many problems from Kwon Sang Woo getting injured to COVID-19 shut downs and the most recent was the other male lead Bae Sung Woo getting fired from the show after his DUI arrest a month ago. It would be difficult to write the character out of the show so the production went to re-cast and landed basically a unicorn – top movie star Jung Woo Sung will step in for the role in the final 4 episodes. It must be a favor to good friend Kwon Sang Woo or he’s worked with the PD/writer before, whatever the reason it makes me want to tune in now. His new stills are out and he definitely looks the character of a scruffy reporter, and I love how intently he’s studying the script in the BTS still.

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