Go Ah Sung and Chang Ryul Cast in TVING 19+ Rated Romance K-drama Chunhwa Love Story

Oh this sounds saucy and potentially too steamy for TV haha. TVING has announced the production of a sageuk romance drama titled Chunhwa Love Story (or Erotic Painting Love Story) starring Go Ah Sung and Chang Ryul. I didn’t recognize his name but seeing his picture I immediately remembered him as the creepy and crazy step brother in Gold Spoon. He’s also got tons of supporting roles in over a dozen dramas so that drama definitely helped elevate him to male lead level here. Chunhwa Love Story tells of a fictional Korean kingdom princess who escapes the palace to find her own love, starting with finding the painter of a series of chunhwas that use her face for the woman. Chang Ryul plays a rich and mysterious merchant who was first on the list of potential husbands for her that she rejected but she encounters in her search for her own love.

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