C-netizens Headdesk Over the C-movie Remake of K-drama Full House with Aged Up Leads Zhang Li and Dennis Oh

Well, nobody asked for this but the likely flop is coming anyways. C-ent is making a C-movie remake of classic Hallyu drama Full House, the one everyone loves to hate or hates to love. Or just like me, plain ole hates. Starring Rain and Song Hye Kyo, it’s credit as catapulting those two to rom-com stardom in South Korea and around Asia where viewers loved their bickering relationship and chemistry. I could not get past the so-called “best friends” of hers who SOLD HER HOUSE when she was away on vacation. Forget who does that, legally that would be impossible to do unless she left them a power of attorney conveniently before she left. Venting over now, this new movie will star Korean-American actor Dennis Oh who in nearly twenty years of acting is still doing his best “bro” impression alongside C-actress Zhang Li. C-netizens can’t believe this is happening with the two leads ages added together equally 80 years old mwahahaha. That, and one can’t act at all may be the bigger problem.

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Koala Watches Crap C-drama Edition: Sealed with a Kiss and Fall in Love

This may be a one-off post, perhaps an ongoing series, or maybe once in a blue moon when I’m drunk and bitter. Recently I’ve been quietly watching some dramas that aren’t just bad (and stupid), it’s unbelievably so much so … Continue reading