Sealed with a Kiss Cast Reunite to Film Mini-Movie

Will the insanity of this story never end? Much as I deemĀ Sealed with a Kiss the drama for being utterly distasteful in concept, apparently the viewers in China disagree and can’t get enough of it. It was a ratings hit, and leads Hawick Lau and Ying Er have been voted in some end-of-the-year awards as best drama couple. Excuse me while I headdesk over here for a few minute, and also guffaw quietly. Apparently there is a market for so-called “tortured love” dramas. I’m not sure where rapey leading men get off having their love described as tortured, other than maybe I would like to subject said swine to some torture.

Because SwaK was so popular, the entire cast quietly reunited last week and filmed around-the-clock for 7 days to produce a mini-movie. What the what? The mini-movie will air on Valentine’s Day simultaneously on Hunan TV as well as online. Because young and old lovers alike can’t wait to celebrate the day of love with more tortured shenanigans. While the picture above is an adorable BTS shot of Hawick and Ying Er filming the mini-movie, the first official teaser pictures have just been released and leave me stunned. Seriously, my jaw = on the floor. See more behind the jump. Continue reading

Koala Watches Crap C-drama Edition: Sealed with a Kiss and Fall in Love

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