First Look at Lee Yo Won and Yoo Ji Tae as Korean Independence Fighters in MBC Period Drama Different Dreams

MBC is borrowing a theme from last year 2018’s highest rated K-drama Mr. Sunshine, going back in history to the days of fighting for independence and Korean pride. Upcoming period drama Different Dreams (Yimong) is getting closer to its May premiere so time to check it out. I initially heard about this drama as a potential Lee Young Ae vehicle but it didn’t pan out, and in the end I think the casting of leads Lee Yo Won and Yoo Ji Tae seem more suitable to me. They are transported back to the days when Korea was under Japanese colonial rule and tell the story of the resistance fighters sacrificing in the fight for independence. Directing is the PD of Saimdang: Light’s Diary, Bride of the Century. and Tamra the Island, which explains how Im Joo Hwan ended up here as the second male lead which makes me very happy. But I’m a little concerned that the screenwriter wrote IRIS, IRIS 2, and Poseidon, all action-packed dramas that didn’t have all the sense elements in place. But the teasers look great so bring it on! Continue reading