C-actress Zhao Li Ying and C-actor Feng Shao Feng Announce Divorce After Three Years Marriage, Having Denied Repeated Divorce Rumors For the Past Year

Sigh, another one isn’t going the long haul. Today C-ent reported that 43 year old C-actor Feng Shao Feng and 32 year old C-actress Zhao Li Ying have confirmed their divorce, releasing a joint statement with their respective agencies. The couple married in 2018 and welcomed their child in 2019, but it was one of the oddest pairings ever. Not that I can’t imagine them together, but he was heavily shipped with Yang Mi and she was basically connected at the waist to Chen Xiao, but then those two got married to their own spouses and it felt like these two just got lumped together somehow after doing two projects back-to-back with the movie The Monkey King 3 and the drama The Story of Minglan. It didn’t help that her devoted and huge fandom hated him, legit they thought he wasn’t good enough for her and basically spent the entirety of their marriage pretending he didn’t exist and continued to support Zhao Li Ying’s career in a solo vacuum. Not to mention repeated rumors that he was either cheating on her with Instagram wannabees or secretly gay and married her as a beard, again the rumors being diametrically opposite just made it all the more bizarre. Both sides repeatededly denied and threatened litigation whenever there was a rumor but alas the finality is here on their own terms. I’m sure her career will continue unabated and as for him he’s kinda on the down swing anyways and I’m seeing more veteran roles in his future to come. Still, I did think they were really cute in the rare couple pics they posted or maybe it was just me wanting to believe there is a happy and forever ending for all couples out there.

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