Weekend Direct Competition Dramas Doctor Lawyer on MBC and SBS with Why Her Wraps Run with 7.0% and 10.7% Ratings Respectively

It’s been a weird run with both SBS drama Why Her (Why Oh Soo Jae) and MBC drama Doctor Lawyer. Both are legal dramas though the latter dealt with medical malpractice specifically. It’s that there was A-list headlining but neither ended up delivering on the ratings or buzz. Why Her had the traction early on hitting 10.1% by episode 4 but then went into a slow decline to the 7% range until this final episode jumped back to 10.7%. Doctor Lawyer started at 5.2% but ratings were in the high 5% to low 6% range for the most part with a few episodes breaking 7%. But neither got consistent buzz, it felt like Doctor Lawyer was mainly forgotten and Why Her later on got articles trying to understand why the early momentum petered out and went downhill. It is what it is and now comes the mid-summer dramas with Big Mouth taking over the time slot from Doctor Lawyer and Today’s Webtoon starting next week in lieu of Why Her.


Weekend Direct Competition Dramas Doctor Lawyer on MBC and SBS with Why Her Wraps Run with 7.0% and 10.7% Ratings Respectively — 8 Comments

  1. The writing for Why Her got sooooo bad that watching the last episode drew laughter instead. Its so lazy they way they decided to wrap things that all the evidence were put together at the same time either via video footage or voice recordings and conveniently supplied by everyone just for OSJ to have her glorious moment in court. Then there was the cringeworthy scenes where her former enemies, her ex colleague and his wife decide to turn good and exposed their individual bosses when the last 15 eps painted them as cowardly idiots. I don’t even want to mention the awkward non existent romance part that was unbearable to the end. This show is by far the worst written legal drama I have ever watched reducing the viewers intellect with each ep. Strange attorney woo in comparison shines even brighter with its well researched cases and solution and the fact that has some of actual top legal advisors in korea are sitting in the writing advisory team makes the writing standards blatant. In summary, this show is a complete sham of a makjang drama masquerading as a legal one.

  2. Why Her was absolutely amazing. All the cast did an amazing job, especially Seo Hyun Jin, Hwang In Yeop and Heo Jun Ho. I’m really sad it’s over. I’ll miss it terribly. I hope we’ll see the actors in other great projects soon. Fighting!~

  3. Why Her made me once again mesmerized by Seo Hyun Jin acting.
    But the male lead, gosh!!! At least find someone yhat matches up to Seo Hyun Jin acting skill wise.
    Sorry to his fans but he is so unappealing and his cringy acting are so unbearable to watch.

    I wonder if the drama has no budget to hire a better actor.. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Knetz has complained that the male lead is terrible and is not up to par with the main actress. There are better young male actors who can fit the ML role

    • You guys complain about the ML this and that but he wasn’t written to have a powerful presence than being just there for her. True he should have had more time with her during the middle drama but instead the focus was on the FL’s fight with the old guys; there’s nothing the ML could do than butt-in at her work!
      You guys may not be complaining so much had the role being reserved!

      Only your last comment was correct, that was a wannabe “makgjang masquerading as a legal drama” because if you remember, she was delegated as a legal professor earlier on to cuf-off her power but the writers never did anything to reinstate her so we can see the legal aspect.

      Also, the other guy and his wife were already nicer supplying her with information before the final episode; don’t forget she recommended them for those positions to keep them loyal.

      Most of the evidence at the end was already discovered by her and traded with the bad guys, so her student simply retrieved them from his father’s safe; the only little surprise was bad guy’s man helping her out but he’s being around enough to see what happens to the people they framed so it’s not that surprising he will betray his boss after the death of his son and his boss’s dismissive attitude.

  4. Lee Do Hyun can handle all these noonas. Unfortunately he is preparing for yet another noona drama with Hye Ko. I like Hwang In Hyeop but they should have just made him her junior with maybe one sided love and sizzling chemistry. SHJ was awesome as always.

    • They really be wasting Lee Do Hyun’s star potential 😭
      Yes, I know it’s a SHK drama, but still…
      Give him a meaty-ass role in something epic that will show his full potential and really put the spotlight on him, and the boy will be a superstar. Enough with the noona romances 😭😭😭

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