No New Thirty Nine Episodes Airing this Week as South Koreans Went to the Poll on Wednesday and Elected a New President with a Ruling Party Change

This week Wed-Thurs will have no new K-dramas or shows airing due to the high profile real life event that is the South Korean presidential election. Thirty Nine is the biggest name drama to get a preemption but between the war in Ukraine, economic woes domestically, spiking COVID-19 cases, and two new dudes up for president I can’t see the domestic audience being in the mood for much entertainment at the present. The results are out and there will be a ruling party change in South Korea, incumbent President Moon Jae In is not running so his party the Democratic Party of Korea nominated Lee Jae Myung while the opposition People Power Party put up former Prosecutor General Yoon Suk Yeol as the candidate. It was apparently a nail biter of a race and late Wednesday night Lee Jae Myung conceded to Yoon Suk Yeol who will be the new President of South Korea.

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