Fabulous Boys Premieres this Sunday and Releases 15-minute Preview

I have no idea why I’m even following along with Fabulous Boys, the Taiwanese remake of the Hong Sisters cracktastic K-drama You’re Beautiful. The original wasn’t a drama I loved wholeheartedly though I was crazy addicted when it initially aired, along with a good chunk of the online drama viewing world. The Japanese remake Ikemen desu ne was actually not bad but I lost interest when re-watching the same shallow story. This remake premieres this Sunday on GTV and might have a chance of garnering some decent ratings. It’s up against nightly leader King Flower on SETTV (which if anyone reads this blog ought to know is a love/hate drama that might actually go over the cliff with a crazy ending), Borrow Ur Love on CTV, and K Song Love on CTS. Maybe I’m looking for a substitute for Sunday nights to watch because of King Flower is driving me crazy. The cast held a press conference this week dressed all in white and looking very snazzy indeed, with Jiro Wang playing Hwang Tae Kyung, Lele Cheng as Go Minam/Minyeo, Hwang In Deok as Shin Woo oppa, and Evan Yo as Jeremy. This cast might not be the best looking (and I didn’t think the original cast was all that looks-wise either but they had great chemistry) but they look like they got along and had fun filming. A 15-minute preview was released at the press conference that shows a lot of scenes from the early half of the drama. While the scenes are mainly the same from the original, for some reason it feels really different to me. Whether its acting or directing, FB is imbued with a Taiwanese sensibility and vibe that harkens back to the style of Taiwanese drama adaptations of popular mangas such as The Rose, Hana Kimi, and It Start with a Kiss. I always thought YB had a shoujo manga sensibility and Taiwan has always been the best at doing adaptations of shoujo mangas so maybe this one will be better than expected. I’ll probably watch it…..if I’m not sobbing like a loony after today’s episode 18 of KF. Continue reading

Official Stills and Trailers for Fabulous Boys with Jiro Wang Premiering May 12th on GTV

I wasn’t expecting this until the Summer, but looks like GTV wants to bring out some familiar big guns to try and rescue its prolonged period of bad ratings for Sunday night. The Taiwanese drama adaptation of You’re Beautiful has … Continue reading