Official Stills and Trailers for Fabulous Boys with Jiro Wang Premiering May 12th on GTV

I wasn’t expecting this until the Summer, but looks like GTV wants to bring out some familiar big guns to try and rescue its prolonged period of bad ratings for Sunday night. The Taiwanese drama adaptation of You’re Beautiful has been given the English title of Fabulous Boys and is premiering on May 12th on GTV. That means Spring Love is ending (and being put out of its misery) and will pit FB against ratings leader King Flower over on TTV (my precious bipolar drama). The soundtrack appears to be lifted directly from YB, this time leading man Jiro Wang and his A.N. Jell crew from the drama will be singing his version of the title track which is also called “Promise”. The cast consists of Jiro in the role of Hwang Tae Kyung, newbie actress Lele Cheng as Go Minam/Minyeo, Hwang In Deok in the role of Shin Woo oppa, Evan Yo as Jeremy, Jenna Wang as the National Fairy, and Bao Wei Ming as the agency president. I’ve of two minds on this one – YB was the crackiest of crack dramas when it started but fizzed out for me in the second half and by the end I was ready to move on and never look back, but there is some residual curiosity for why this story appears to have some traction so as to generate not one but two remakes already. I watched a few episodes of Ikemen desu ne and actually liked it, but there wasn’t anything new to hook me staying with it until the end. I think FB looks good, with a very unique and different color palette and style than YB that could be refreshing. But youthful idol dramas have been on the wane in Taiwan as well so ratings-wise I don’t think this will be a hit. Check out the stills and trailers to see if it piques your curiosity.

Trailer with Opening Theme for Fabulous Boys:

Trailer with Ending theme for Fabulous Boys:


Official Stills and Trailers for Fabulous Boys with Jiro Wang Premiering May 12th on GTV — 34 Comments

    • I thought that from looking at the photos- especially the last one! And then it was further confirmed by the preview. My only word at this point… why??!

    • Excactly my thought. I think I will watch it anyway just because to wait for differences. And Jiros new face still gives me creeps. What happened to his chin?

      • If I ever get my hand on the horrible surgeon that did to Jiro’s face, I’ll give him a taste of his own medicine: a noise just like the one he gave to poor Jiro. I can’t even watch his drama’s any more, because I keep fixating on his noise.

  1. Seriously doubt I’ll watch the entire thing and with Jiro’s face it’ll be trying to watch period, but I do think it’ll be a nice role for him. Hope it turns out well.

  2. Nothing can beat a winning original drama. All four JGS, Shinhye, Yonghwa and Hongki owned the role in a way that in my opinion cannot be bettered.

  3. the ending song’s really nice. makes me hope they might do some other new soundtracks too.

    lol jiro’s pig-field scene.

  4. Cute! I did love the original. For me, a large part of my tw drama viewing has receded into dailies and shows super similar to the ones that I watched with my mom as a child in the late 80’s and 90’s. Maybe it’s cause I’m no longer 20 and my tastes are changing, but I have little interest in idol type dramas. I think I will wait to marathon this one. I still love tw flavor to a good story.

  5. I am so in! I was like 40 when I saw YB and I turned into a squeeling fan girl while watching it. I am embarrassed to admit I have watched it 4 times! Once while on bed rest for a tough pregnancy and it was one of the few things that made me smile during that period. A couple of months ago I watched it again with my 10 year old (her first Korean drama) and she loved it! So I am curious to see what the remake is like and I will probably still have fun though complain that it is no where as good as the original.

  6. You are beautiful was okay, but I really hope the heroine is not as stupid in naivete than the original it was painful. Just because you were raised in a convent should not make you that “blank” about the birds and the bees especially in this time period.

  7. I’ll be watching this. I don’t know if its because I love Shin Hye or Jiro Wang have always a spot in my heart. Keke. I hope someone will sub this.

      • Oh,I don’t know why I am at all surprised but I was thinking while watching Drama Go Go that his face doesn’t seem right. It’s just too sharp at the chin and the way he talks doesn’t seem natural. Too pouty.

  8. So excited for this!!!

    I loved YB. It was such a light watch and some scenes were LOL hilarious. I also adore Jiro Wang ever since Hana Kimi so I’m excited to see his interpretation of Hwang Tae Kyung.

    Even if a lot of the scenes seemed like exact copies of the original, I don’t mind. 🙂 They can copy all they want, if they can elicit the same feelings, then that’s good with me.

    (And for some reason, I think Jiro is more swoony than JGS.)

  9. To be honest after having seen the ‘trailers’ which are actually the highlights from the Korean version I lost my interest for this version T_T

  10. I’m excited to see to see what the pig rabbit plush is going to look like and the hilarious surgery/building the pig rabbit scene!

  11. I’m gonna give it a go and hope it doesn’t get ridiculous. 😉
    And about the leading man I don’t think he’s had “plastic Surgery”. To me it looks like he probably got a face lift to get better cheek and jaw bones, nose job to define. The problem with that it’s the chin needs also wrk and well… on and so on. You guys should see the monsters I see everyday from to much “plastic surgery”, it’s nasty!!!! He doesn’t look bad but Now I have to google him to see b4 pics.

  12. Oh my God! Scenes are all the same as the original Kdrama, but where did they get that dance scene? She’s stepping on Jiro’s shoes and dance, I love it! I’m gonna check this out. I love JGS and YB, and I so love Jiro!

  13. You’re Beautiful is probably the 3rd Korean drams I had watched but the one that hooked me in this lifestyle forever! The first time I watched it I thought it was the most amazing piece of work but after a second watch I was able to see it’s flaws. It’s still one of my favorite d dramas though!

  14. uouiwgat wouldn’t say that “spring love” is being put out of its misery… Even though it’s probably the biggest piece of garbage to come out of Taiwan recently, it had pretty solid ratings and almost beat “king Flower” a couple of times. King flower, on the othe hand, is the one struggling. For a TTV drama, its ratings are mediocre at best. A good drama could easily surpass it. Fabulous Boys will not be that drama though. It looks reallly pretty and I think the actors fit their roles quite well, but I don’t think that Taiwan audience wants to see yet another adaptation of You’re Beautiful…

  15. When I love a show, I love to watch the remakes. Pride & Prejudice, Jane Eyre, You’re Beautiful, Hana Yori Dango, are just a few. Every remake, even if done line for line, action for action, still has something fresh and new. Reactions, expressions, endings – there is always something to love (and something to dislike), so, YES, bring it on. I’m on board to watch!!

  16. Love the cast though jiro looks abit weird. I think the second lead gave a very good feeling. The her for uee looks more likeable too. I think the scene where they danced with minam looks gd.

    I feel the Tw remake will have their unique charm so will watch it 🙂

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