Official Stills and Trailers for Fabulous Boys with Jiro Wang Premiering May 12th on GTV

I wasn’t expecting this until the Summer, but looks like GTV wants to bring out some familiar big guns to try and rescue its prolonged period of bad ratings for Sunday night. The Taiwanese drama adaptation of You’re Beautiful has been given the English title of Fabulous Boys and is premiering on May 12th on GTV. That means Spring Love is ending (and being put out of its misery) and will pit FB against ratings leader King Flower over on TTV (my precious bipolar drama). The soundtrack appears to be lifted directly from YB, this time leading man Jiro Wang and his A.N. Jell crew from the drama will be singing his version of the title track which is also called “Promise”. The cast consists of Jiro in the role of Hwang Tae Kyung, newbie actress Lele Cheng as Go Minam/Minyeo, Hwang In Deok in the role of Shin Woo oppa, Evan Yo as Jeremy, Jenna Wang as the National Fairy, and Bao Wei Ming as the agency president. I’ve of two minds on this one – YB was the crackiest of crack dramas when it started but fizzed out for me in the second half and by the end I was ready to move on and never look back, but there is some residual curiosity for why this story appears to have some traction so as to generate not one but two remakes already. I watched a few episodes of Ikemen desu ne and actually liked it, but there wasn’t anything new to hook me staying with it until the end. I think FB looks good, with a very unique and different color palette and style than YB that could be refreshing. But youthful idol dramas have been on the wane in Taiwan as well so ratings-wise I don’t think this will be a hit. Check out the stills and trailers to see if it piques your curiosity. Continue reading