Honey Lee Pairs Up with Fast Rising Young Actor Lee Jong Won for Sageuk Rom-com Flower that Blooms at Night

Well this is an mighty strange casting pair but who knows, stranger things have worked. A new sageuk drama is being prepped titled Flower that Blooms at Night and late last year was reported to be starring Honey Lee in her first acting project after having a baby. Now her male lead has been cast with young rising actor Lee Jong Won who came to my attention in Gold Spoon as the second male lead and debuted only in 2020. I like him but I feel the age and experience gap is big with this pairing. The drama is an investigative rom-com sageuk about a widow living two lives and her meeting with a grandmaster type male lead character as they team up to solve mysteries. The drama is from the PD of Lovers of the Red Sky and will air later this year.

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