Knight Flower Ends with 18.4% Ratings Surpassing The Red Sleeve Cuff as the Highest Rated MBC Fri-Sat Drama of All Time

Well I know who’s getting the MBC Daesang this year lol. Of course another drama can come along and surpass this but it’s still the biggest rocket out of the gate in 2024. MBC Fri-Sat night sageuk drama Knight Flower with Honey Lee and Lee Jong Won ended this weekend with the final episode getting 18.4% ratings, an extraordinary achievement in this day and age. It is officially the network’s highest rated drama in that time slot which was formerly held by the last episode of The Red Sleeve Cuff. One could imagine this drama doing even higher ratings if it was longer than its 12-episode run so it’s just amazing to see something no one was expecting to do so well set a new bar. Honey Lee is officially A-list and Lee Jong Won for sure has earned his breakout here.

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MBC Wed-Thurs Drama Gold Spoon with Yook Sung Jae and Lee Jong Won is Surprisingly Good, Darker than Expected, and Presents an Genuine Existential Conundrum.

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MBC Releases First Poster and Stills for Next Fri-Sat Drama Gold Spoon with Yook Sung Jae, Jung Chae Yeon, Lee Jong Won, and Yeonwoo

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