MBC Wed-Thurs Drama Gold Spoon with Yook Sung Jae and Lee Jong Won is Surprisingly Good, Darker than Expected, and Presents an Genuine Existential Conundrum.

I know this drama is anchored by a magical spoon that swaps lives but the underlying “Who would do it” idea is so good because there are many like scenarios that could happen in real life. MBC premiered Gold Spoon two weeks ago and I’ve gotten caught up and love it. It’s so much better in story than expected and in acting than the young predominately idol turned actor cast would indicate. Yook Sung Jae plays poor down trodden Lee Seung Cheon and Lee Jong Won is rich emotionally abused Hwang Tae Yong and one day Seung Cheon gets offered a magical gold spoon that can switch his life with a rich person if he dines three times at the rich boy’s house using the spoon. He does so and voila, the boys are switched. Seung Cheon as Tae Yong better navigates the power struggles of the rich family but loses his family love and support and Tae Yong as Seung Cheon is confused yet more loved and better off in many ways. Watching them each navigate their new family, one with knowledge the other with an inkling of confusion, makes the viewer wonder if OG Seung Cheon’s choice was the right one. I don’t think so but think it will make things better for both boys in the long run. Even cooler is the twist at the end of episode 4 with another gold spooner and this drama has plenty of story left to tell. Highly recommend and female lead Jung Chae Yeon is also great even if she doesn’t have much to do (yet).

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