Park Sol Mi and Han Jae Seok Release Classy and Romantic Engagement Pictures

For every high-profile dating surprise (see Kim Tae Hee and Rain), there are many more low-profile K-ent romances that probably run a greater chance of succeeding in the long run. Of the group of 90s leading men, there are actually quite a few that still aren’t married yet but Han Jae Seok is just resigning his membership in that club. I guess staying single until the right one comes along may be better than a marriage-quick-divorce track, such as what happened with Ryu Shi Won. Back to Han Jae Seok, who I always want to call Jaws because he has one of the manliest jawlines among K-actors, he has been quietly dating K-actress Park Sol Mi since 2011 after they both worked on the weekend sageuk Merchant Kim Man Deok. He was the male lead opposite Lee Mi Yeon while Park Sol Mi played the second female lead. They recently announced their engagement and upcoming marriage, and while neither are stars I follow regularly (acting-wise they are solid but they don’t tend to star in dramas I’m interested in), I’m so utterly in love with their engagement pictures I have to showcase it. The three official pictures released are all exquisite, completely different in attire and mood but all three fairly drop with old-school movie romance. Park Sol Mi is one of those actresses that never broke out into leading lady territory, and I’m not sure its for lack of talent (she’s like a Park Shi Yeon to me, always getting bettter) or simply that looks-wise she’s more femme fatale and Korea loves their Candy innocent leading lady types. I hope this marriage lasts because they have a chance to be the next Choi Soo Jong and Ha Hee Ra, a top acting power couple with one of the most stable and publicly admired marriages in the industry. Congrats to Han Jae Seok and Park Sol Mi, now go make some pretty babies and keep on acting! I am a little surprised she’s getting married earlier than her ex-boyfriend Ji Sung, who has been dating Lee Bo Young for 7 years now. Time to put a ring on it as well, Ji Sung. Continue reading