Kim Tae Hee and Lim Ji Yeon Confirmed for ENA Thriller K-drama House with a Yard

This is a great time to announce this drama since it’s striking while the iron is hot for Lim Ji Yeon who plays the antagonist again. Cable network ENA has announced the upcoming thriller K-drama House with a Yard for later this year and the female lead will be Kim Tae Hee with Lim Ji Yeon as her foil that disrupts her nice life in a house with a yard. I think it’s awesome for Lim Ji Yeon to be able to tackle truly evil characters and be appreciated for her good acting and then loved in real life despite the onscreen image. Kim Tae Hee doesn’t do as many dramas these days but her last one Hi Bye Mama in 2020 was very well received. House with a Yard is not as warm and teary as that drama, it’s about a woman living a perfect life in a house with a yard that has her life disrupted when she smells a dead body. Ooooooh, creepy!

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