Wild Romance Holds Cheerful Press Conference

It’s that time of the year again, resolutions galore about eating less and exercising more, and pretending there is a chance to watch less dramas in 2012 than the previous year. This week sees the premiere of four new prime time K-dramas, and concurrently a bunch of press conferences just took place. Wild Romance with Lee Dong Wook and Lee Shi Young starts in two days so the cast quickly took some time out from their frenetic shooting schedule to attend the obligatory press conference. I applaud Lee Shi Young for agreeing to cut her hair that short, because it takes a certain level of confidence to be saddled with such a boyish do. Lee Dong Wook’s mildly sleazy plus slightly dorky look is doing weird things to me, making me actually find him interesting when normally he just strikes me as exceedingly dour. Continue reading