Wild Romance Holds Cheerful Press Conference

It’s that time of the year again, resolutions galore about eating less and exercising more, and pretending there is a chance to watch less dramas in 2012 than the previous year. This week sees the premiere of four new prime time K-dramas, and concurrently a bunch of press conferences just took place. Wild Romance with Lee Dong Wook and Lee Shi Young starts in two days so the cast quickly took some time out from their frenetic shooting schedule to attend the obligatory press conference. I applaud Lee Shi Young for agreeing to cut her hair that short, because it takes a certain level of confidence to be saddled with such a boyish do. Lee Dong Wook’s mildly sleazy plus slightly dorky look is doing weird things to me, making me actually find him interesting when normally he just strikes me as exceedingly dour.

The two leads have got their chemistry down pat, with the walking in sync, the genuine cheery laughter, and goofing around. I think I’m gonna like this drama just for the OTP cuteness alone. In terms of their outfits, I like Lee Shi Young’s girly red dress, which livens up the mood and makes her look more feminine. Except I hate her boots. Ugh, hideous. Lee Dong Wook needs to take off that curtain he’s wearing as a coat. I’m sure whatever he has hidden underneath looks much better on him. And it can’t be that cold, if Lee Shi Young is prancing around in a sleeveless super short dress. Also, raise your hands if Lee Dong Wook’s coat doesn’t immediate flash back to his character in My Girl?

I like second leads Oh Man Seok and Hwang Seon Hee. I also really appreciate their outfits for the press conference, looking simple and chic for Hwang Seon Hee and handsome and easygoing for Oh Man Seok. Though when I get close, I notice how long Oh Man Seok’s sweater arm length is underneath his jacket. So long he’s using it like a quasi hand warmer even. Weird.

[Credit: all pictures as marked of the respective news agency]


Wild Romance Holds Cheerful Press Conference — 11 Comments

  1. LSY looks better in this haircut every time I see her. I can’t wait to see her kick Lee Dong-wook’s butt. I find him the least interesting of all the cast members… I’ve always found him kind of boring and weird looking, but like you said, he looks interesting here! If sleazy.

    And Oh Man-seok is just…. love.

    So excited! Way more for this than for the other two dramas premiering the same day.

  2. I’m always waiting Lee Dong-wook new drama – romantic comedy since My Girl… I don’t like his past new dramas after my girl… this one must be in my watch list .. like LSY .. hope this drama will be hit this year ^^

  3. I think LSY’s hair looks adorable on her in these pics. She definitely has the confidence to carry it off. And I love HSH’s dress. Have to admit that LDW is the least interesting of these 4 for me also. Not even the facial hair is doing anything for me, but it does seem like his chemistry with LSY is gonna be too cute for words.

  4. LSY – Love her in her red dress, simple, she is able to carry the color and the style. no comments on the hair though.
    i love OMS – in his teacher role in Whats up. wonder how shit is going to hit roof tonight.

  5. OMS is wearing a hand warmer. If you look at his shirt it is black and thin while the fabric around his hands are brown and wool (looks like it) yarn thread.

  6. It’s really funny to see Oh Man Suk and Lee Shi Young in the same shot – they’re dressed for different seasons!

    By the way, Lee Shi Young is working that cute short&perm ‘do. I love.

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