Ha Suk Jin and Jeon So Min Flirt and Fight in First 1% of Anything Remake Stills

The first filming stills are out for the K-drama remake of classic early Hallyu wave K-drama 1% of Anything, with this remake hewing so close to the original that the writer of the source novel is adapting the story into the script for this go-around. The original was most notable for being movie actor Kang Dong Won‘s rare turns in drama land, as well for being actress Kim Jung Hwa‘s biggest leading lady break which she never topped in her acting career. I never watched the original since it is so dated now but am curious about the remake because leads Ha Suk Jin and Jeon So Min look adorable together in the bevy of stills from the production filming, and second leads Kim Hyung Min and Im Do Yoon look just right for the parts of the usual troublemakers to the destined OTP romance. The drama is being fully pre-produced and slated for an October airing on MBC. Continue reading