Ha Suk Jin and Jeon So Min Flirt and Fight in First 1% of Anything Remake Stills

The first filming stills are out for the K-drama remake of classic early Hallyu wave K-drama 1% of Anything, with this remake hewing so close to the original that the writer of the source novel is adapting the story into the script for this go-around. The original was most notable for being movie actor Kang Dong Won‘s rare turns in drama land, as well for being actress Kim Jung Hwa‘s biggest leading lady break which she never topped in her acting career. I never watched the original since it is so dated now but am curious about the remake because leads Ha Suk Jin and Jeon So Min look adorable together in the bevy of stills from the production filming, and second leads Kim Hyung Min and Im Do Yoon look just right for the parts of the usual troublemakers to the destined OTP romance. The drama is being fully pre-produced and slated for an October airing on MBC.


Ha Suk Jin and Jeon So Min Flirt and Fight in First 1% of Anything Remake Stills — 15 Comments

  1. The original was hella boring. LOL…And I never got mesmerized by the leading man. What is all his charm about? LOL

    • +1 Agree.
      I don’t get what is there so much buzz about Kang Dong Won. His acting skill is pretty standard and the look, he is just the average looking guy and I don’t see his charm either.

  2. I kinda liked the original but it is quite dated now. It worked back then b/c of the whole family drama charm and was the original contract relationship drama but not sure about it now….lets see!

  3. Watched the original one, kang dong won qas hilariously adorable. Wonder why kim jung hwa has not got any lead lady again? That drama was such a hit at that era, correct?

  4. Well, I watched it so long ago but I remember it was good at the beginning then dragged and by the end the only interesting plot was the “sister” and cousin’s relationship. Han Hye Jin was great in that, Kim Jung Hwa’s character was a bit annoying and I agree with others I don’t think Kang Dong Won was that great in it either. But I guess back then there were less actors/actresses. Nowadays the market just doesn’t stop, seems there are newbies popping everyday I have not heard of plus the whole pool of idols too. But I am not a fan of remakes. I think everything has its own time and place, the past is better left alone, no need to revive it. Just move on…

  5. Ha Suk Jin is busy this year with Iron Lady, Drinking Solo and this one. It seems to be a typical drama and I’m curious about it. I didn’t see the original one.

  6. Don’t know why out of all dramas they decided to remake this one while I like old school contract marriage/fake engagements shows. 1percent of anything was really slow and the actors were not that good with the exception of the Granddad one of my favorite Korean actors. Good luck to the show who knows maybe it’ll be a hit like marriage contract.

  7. I watched the original and to be honest was not a fan and still not a fan of KDW. And couldn’t stand the grandfather. Am looking forward to watching the remake once it ends to marathon it.

  8. One Percent of Anything is one of my favorite dramas and it’s in my rotation to watch when I don’t like any of the current dramas. I hope the remake is as good as the orginal. I hope it isn’t filled with a lot of the cutsy K-drama moments so prevelant now days. The secondary cast was pretty important- the grandfather, the parents and the female lead’s older brother. I liked the orginal actress, she was so natural in the role, it didn’t look like acting. I hope its available on one of the USA streaming sites.

  9. I just finished watching this and I’am in love, super in love with the chemistry of the leads. Great acting and I love that it is just a 15-episoder. My favorite for this year.

    Truly glad that I gave it a try.

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