K-netizens Overwhelmingly Vote to Disable Comment Section in Entertainment News Articles

See, this is why people can’t have normal things because of the sheer inability to behave. A recent poll of readers and netizens in South Korea came in at over 80% plus voting to disable the comments section of entertainment related news articles in the wake of celebrity suicides. The last four have been Cha In Ha, Goo Hara, Sulli, and actress Jeon Mi Sun, all in the last year. Of course negative netizen comments are not the sole or even direct cause of celebrity deciding to kill oneself but it doesn’t help in the long run for people who live in the limelight to absorb criticism that crosses the line. Having an opinion that isn’t fawning is fine, and a star needs to be able to deal with someone simply not liking him/her, a work, a song, an outfit, etc. But so many comments go far beyond that and I suppose if people can’t behave then disabling comments may be a way to combat online bullying. Continue reading