Makjang Maestro Writer Im Sung Han Returns June 2023 with TV Chosun Time-travel Family Drama Lady Durian with Park Joo Mi and Choi Myung Gil

After K-drama land’s wildest screenwriter Im Sung Han went on a viewer brain cell destroying rampage in the early 2010’s writing stupider and stupider dramas culminating in the Princess Aurora bloodbath following by the Apgujeong Midnight Sun controversy and her abrupt retirement, she took a 6 year break and has come back to major success with Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music. That drama went three seasons and now she’s back with the weirdly named Lady Durian (Mrs. Durian) airing in June on TV Chosun. It’s a time-travel drama as two rich high born ladies from a Joseon noble family suddenly time-travel to the present day and get into a bizarre and fated love story the the men of a chaebol family they land into. I love having Im Sung Han’s brand of crazy because it makes for great side-watching whereby I don’t watch the drama but watch people headdesk-ing while still unable to stop watching lol.

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