Lee Sang Yeob and Park Ha Sun Change Up Their Image with Steamy Romance Drama Love Affairs in the Afternoon

Consider me pleasantly surprised and curious about upcoming cable network Channel A drama Love Affairs in the Afternoon. The literal title is translated as Weekday at 3PM Lover and is the remake of the same name J-dorama. It’s pretty illicit and steamy based on the story synopsis alone, a housewife and biology teacher start an adulterous affair living in the same sleepy neighborhood. It’s from PD Kim of Squad 38, Hidden Identity, and Bad Guys but I feel like it would have been perfect directed by PD Ahn Pan Seok with the same vibe as his Secret Love Affair minus the huge age and class gap. I wasn’t particularly paying attention to this drama until the above poster was released looking so va-va-voom sexy. Bring on the afternoon quickie K-drama! Continue reading