OCN Serial Killer Drama Bad Guys Shows Off Dangerous Stylish Vibe in Poster and Teasers

Are K-dramas ready for incarcerated serial killers to be our new good guys? With this cast in the upcoming Bad Guys airing on OCN, the answer would be a resounding YES from me. Kim Joong Sang, recently seen in A New Leaf and Dr. Stranger, goes from being an ethically dubious lawyer and morally righteous doctor to putting on his best detective hat as he is tasked with creating a new crime fighting squad outside the norm. He goes to the maximum security prison and finds the three most dangerous fiends in Park Hae Jin, Ma Dong Seok, and Jo Dong Hyuk to have the criminal masterminds consulting on how to catch the criminal elements still at large in the world. It’s a concept that I swear the US has done before and sounds right up the alley of J-doramas. I do like criminal procedures, I just have never turned to K-dramas for that particular fix. Until now.

OCN tries darker stuff like this so it’s the right network to do a drama where serial killers will potentially win the audience’s sympathy and support if they are playing the role of the good guys in the narrative. The drama doesn’t start until October 4th but the first drama poster and video teasers are out to sample a taste of what’s to come. The mood hits the spot in teasers, stylish and dangerous with a hint of coiled energy in the execution. Park Hae Jin’s serial killer stare is spine tingling and Kim Joong Sang with his pack of dobermans scare the bejesus out of me even though he’s the sole “good guy” in the drama as the detective in charge of this new squad. Kang Ye Won gets the play the only lady in the main cast and the teaser with her in an interrogation cell showing off her long legs momentarily flashed me back to Basic Instinct. Bad Guys will hopefully reign in any inclination for emotional makjang and let the villains show off their brilliant villain minds in the employ of the good guys for once. Continue reading