Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub Elevate their Chemistry with an Upcoming Kiss for The Master’s Sun

A kiss is a-coming in The Master’s Sun. Does a kiss make everything better? If the participants are So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin, then the answer would be “oh you betcha!” I actually think TMS is getting comparatively better, but all my initial opinions stand and my gripes are merely lessened somewhat as the story glides on a narrative momentum. This really is a drama tethered to the chemistry of the two leads, because fundamentally the characters aren’t all that interesting and the storyline coasts on easy-to-milk emotions. Who wouldn’t feel sad for dead dogs and poor abused kid ghosts? It’s like shoving a puppy in my face – of course I’m going to say its cute! Similarly, the ghost stories are so superficial but effective in drawing out the emotions from the audience and providing the backdrop to get the OTP closer together as they spend time solving phantom mysteries. It’s like Scooby Doo, except Daphne can see ghosts, Fred has a childhood trauma, and Scooby and Shaggy (Kang Woo and Yi Ryung) are off to the side with their own little storyline bubbling. I knew a kiss was coming right about now for TMS, the Hong Sisters are anything but unpredictable, but they sure know how to stage scenes. Lately I’ve been watching casually with TMS because some stuff is just so pretty. I hope this kiss is sexy and tender, and I’m a sucker for formal wear so having Joogun in his trademark suit while Taeyang is all dolled up (LOVE the dress) makes for extra juicy eye candy when they kiss. Also coming up are two guest star appearances, first being Jung Chan as a famous pianist still grieving over the death of his wife. He’s no stranger to the Hong Sisters after being one of the few adult characters in You’re Beautiful. Seo Hyo Rim is also swinging by the drama, she’ll be playing Joogun’s fiancée and she excels at playing the rich bitch character so this cameo is a total typecast. TMS is still not my cup of tea but it’s definitely watchable with lowered expectations. On a side note, does anything else think L is a terrible actor? Even his good looks fade into the woodwork when I watch his awful line delivery and facial expressions. He needs to stop squinting and trying to look cool. Aish. Continue reading