Kim Hye Yoon Adorable in Best New Actress Win at the 2022 Grand Bell Awards and Leads the Way with Black Dress Done Right

This Friday evening in Seoul was the Grand Bell Awards (Daejong Awards) which only covers the movie industry. It’s highly prestigious but most readers here are K-drama centered so may not have watched or followed the K-movie circuit this year, but everyone has heard about Decision to Leave which took home Best Movie and male lead Park Hae Il continues his awards sweep by winning Best Actor. Yeom Jung Ah won Best Actress for Life is Beautiful, Yoona didn’t have a lot of screen time in Confidential Assignment 2 but won Best Supporting Actress, and Best Supporting Actor winner Byun Yo Han got the nod for his role in sageuk Hansan: Rising Dragon. The newbie awards went to Kim Hye Yoon for The Girl on a Bulldozer and Moo Jin Sung for the ensemble movie Perhaps Love. The outfits I only like Kim Hye Yoon despite the simplicity of her black dress it fit her beautifully and she looks so young and elegant in it. Ong Seung Woo also gets kudos for doing a waistcoat look.

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