jTBC Wed-Thurs Drama Law School with Kim Myung Min, Lee Jung Eun, Kim Bum, and Ryu Hye Young Release Studious Posters and Teasers

Ratings in the 4-5% for jTBC cable drama isn’t bad at all but for the fact that the drama cost like multiples what the network spends compared to its usual fare so then that type of reception is less than expected. I’m talking about Sisyphus: The Myth, which after I stopped writing about it but continued to watch has unfortunately continued to be as stupid and crappy. The network will finish the drama next week (thank god) and afterwards follow up with the Kim Myung Min helmed Law School but sounds super dull but with KMM playing the male lead I expected acting fireworks everything. His counter part as a fellow law school professor is Lee Jung Eun and having two award winning veterans spar is like candy to a baby. The younger leads are all law students with Kim Bum and Ryu Hye Young headlining that crew and I’m thrilled for both to have a chance to work in such a high caliber production, both are underrated and can do so much more than their prior dramas have tapped into. Law School even had top notch production with the PD of The Light in You Eyes and Awl and he also directed all the Detective K movies which reunites him with Kim Myung Min. The drama premieres this April 14th and I’m going to keep my mind open for this trip back to law school for me personally.

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