K-drama Productions Add Contract Addendums and New Terms that Stipulate Penalties for Bad Publicity with Specific Call Out for Bullying Allegations

I wish this was for the best interests of victims and changing societal behavior but it’s clearly motivated by financial interest. Regardless, at least it’s making agencies more deliberate and considerate when it comes to signing young new talent. K-drama productions are across the board adding contract addendums (to existing contracts signed) and new contract terms for future contracts that revolve around damages caused by a cast member facing bad publicity. The contract gives the production the right to fire and also demand double payback of the acting fee, as well as demanding recompense for the cost of reshoots, losing CF partners, and other damages. This was clearly motivated by two high profile bullying allegations in the last two weeks, one against Ji Soo which led to him leaving River Where the Moon Rises and another against Lee Na Eun of April and she subsequently left the upcoming K-drama Taxi Driver. If this makes popular kids who think they can misbehave during their formative years and hope to later have a career in entertainment think twice then it’s fine by me.

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Girl Group April’s Lee Na Eun Leaves Upcoming SBS Drama Taxi Driver Due to Bullying Allegations, Drama 60% Done with Filming and Finding Replacement

Another K-drama casting switcheroo is happening, also due to the recent spate of bullying allegations against younger generation stars. Girl Group April‘s Lee Na Eun, who got her big acting break in Extraordinary You, was hoping to start her more … Continue reading